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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei Honor 6 Plus

If there was ever a perfect phone…one with a substantial feel to the design, a combination of saturated looking colors (85% color gamut) that catches any user’s attention and an astoundingly swift performance, then the Huawei Honor-6 Plus is it! Currently released in China and planned to be released in the U.S at the end of this year; it’s amazing to see Huawei pushing the boundaries. For a starting price of $429, the Honor-6 plus is worth every penny.

This smart phone offers the most comfortable display (IPS LCD capacitive touch screen, 16M colors) for amazing views and playing games. The phone’s performance is enhanced by Hisilicon’s heterogeneous computing approach (Quad core cortex-A15 & Quad-core cortex A7 processor). This amazing chipset harnesses a robust integration of many components for incredible speed and power efficiency. This makes for flawless multi-tasking even when the most demanding applications are running.

Any good phone is defined by smooth connectivity. The Huawei Honor 6 plus comes with the ability to differentiate between static and dynamic content (accelerometer sensor). This ability reduces the power consumed by running apps. It’s the freedom to mould your own mobile domain that would make a user go head over hills for a smart phone. This is everything that represents the Huawei Honor-6 Plus. It isn’t just any other handset, it’s ‘the’ smartphone.

While the phone’s design is similar to the Honor 6, it’s slightly larger. The fact that it runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat might be both a good and a bad thing. With the cutting edge hardware and all the amazing specs that this smart phone possesses, you would think it would carry the latest version of Android O.S- the Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, this does not deter its efficiency; it’s almost perfect. The battery (3500Amh) is perfectly suited for its sleek body.

The Huawei Honor-6 plus dual camera (8.0MP) resembles that of the HTC One M8. It certainly helps bring important moments to life. The dual lens enables it to capture mind boggling images; offsetting one of the best camera experiences. The extra large aperture (FQ95 to F16) supports taking photos first and then focusing the pictures thereafter. This is a thousand times better than most SLR cameras. The 8.0MP camera offers the clearest of images even under the weakest light.

The 3db antenna the smart phone possesses gives it the strongest signal even in weak signal environments. Additional ‘goodies’ such as the 3000MPS download speed (Wi-Fi, direct hotspot) represent one of the fastest 4G networks. The Huawei Honor-6 plus gives the most stable online experience.

The phone comes in the basic colors of black, white or gold. However, it’s mesmerizing features do not end there. It’s designed with an in-built SIM card that supports global roaming and restricts applications only to the home screen. Huawei must really be proud of this new invention. The Honor-6 Plus has a lot of potential. The phone might be able to handle even the most hefty operations but we are not 100% sure of that fact.

Being a new release, Huawei Honor-6 Plus cutting software and top-notch specifications have really outdone other phones in the market. If you feel a pressing need to possess, you can import the phone from China and get lost in its greatness!

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