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HTC is having a huge comeback with their HTC U11. If you are one of those who appreciate the timeless quality that is this developer’s creations, finding a reliable HTC spy app is a must. In June, the new model of their smartphone has already boosted the company’s revenue by 8.38% compared to May. More importantly, the company’s revenue reports state that June 2017 is 52.1% more successful than June 2016.

If you are buying the U11 model, installing an HTC tracking application, like Spapp Monitoring, is a wise precaution. This program will monitor the gadget, back up your data, and help get it back if it’s lost or stolen. You can legally install it on any smartphone as long as you get the consent of the gadget’s users. Note that every person who uses the smartphone must be aware of the HTC spy app and agree to have their communications monitored. Therefore, a boss can’t simply install the program on company’s phones without informing employees. The factual ownership of the device does not matter in this case.

The exact details on how to use an HTC tracking app legally are explained in your state’s privacy laws. US residents should be aware that they must honor both the federal and state laws on the matter. Installing an HTC spy on your device without your knowledge and consent is illegal. Luckily, these applications aren’t meant to be invisible. Therefore, you’ll be able to know if someone has done it to you.

How to Say If Your Smartphone Has an HTC Spy

You can determine if someone has installed Spapp Monitoring or any other tracking software on your gadget in secret by:

• Monitoring power consumption as the program must run in the background non-stop
• Monitoring Internet traffic as the app will have to upload copies of logs several times a day

Note that HTC tracking apps won’t show up in the list of applications on your gadget. However, you can find them marked by antivirus apps and other programs they interact with.

If you discover that someone has installed a tracking app on your phone without your knowledge and consent, contact authorities.

How to Install an HTC Tracking App

As long as you do everything legally (with consent), you can install Spy App for Mobile Phone on your or someone else’s gadget. You can do this by downloading the application file from the Phone Tracker website and activating it.

You will also need to set up an account for yourself. This will only take a few minutes and you need nothing but an email to do it. Even people who aren’t tech savvy will be able to follow the simple instructions provided by this HTC tracking application.

However, as HTC is a company that puts a lot of thought into protecting their clients, you’ll have to adjust the phone’s settings. This won’t affect the gadget’s built-in safety and security measures in any way. You will only need to remove the block on background apps. The developer adds this feature for optimizing battery power consumption. However, it actually prevents many of the apps popular today from working smoothly.

To disable the Extreme Power Saving mode hindering your HTC spy app do this:

1. Click Menu (from the home screen).
2. Choose Settings.
3. Click Power.
4. Disable the Extreme Power Saving Mode.

As you can see, it really is very easy. You can do this after installing Phone Monitoring as this feature doesn’t interfere with the installation itself. It will simply switch off the app automatically to reduce its power consumption.

This might have been a necessary precaution once. However, the smartphones of today are equipped with highly efficient batteries. As HTC U11 is one of the leaders on the market, you can be sure its battery can deal with a lot more than one background tracking application.

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I did not see any problems on HTC phones using Spy Phone App.


What types of mobile platforms are supported by the Spapp Monitoring spy phone app application?


Currently, Android-based smartphones are compatible. However, updates may come in future versions that possibly expand the compatibility range to cover Apple's iOS platform as well.


Are there any extra charges associated with additional features of this spy tool?


Payment is required for unlocking advanced features, which generally come with either monthly or yearly subscription plans. After successful payment, these functions will remain unlocked until cancellation or expiration of the said plan.


Will anyone else know that I am monitoring an HTC phone using this software?


As long as the user takes necessary precautions before starting surveillance (such as using anonymization tools or hiding their IP address), it is highly unlikely that third parties will ever find out who is behind observing a particular individual's activities, since the actual identity is not revealed during the process itself.


Is there a way to see deleted data on an HTC device with this spy app?


No - users are not able to view deleted data stored in the device’s memory as it cannot be retrieved by any means once it has been permanently removed.


Is it possible to view the history of calls and messages sent and received within a specified timespan only?


Yes - many features integrated into the program allow users to filter results according to a specific date or restrict observations to a particular timeframe, such as the last 7 days or the past month, so that only relevant items are displayed in the end result, making it easier to distinguish important ones from unnecessary clutter.


Will HTC know that I am using this spy tool to track its phone?


No – since all recordings are done anonymously without providing actual identity, even the manufacturer is unlikely to find out who was behind observing a particular person's movements, unless they actively try to locate the source themselves, of course.


Is there a limit on how much information can be gathered using this software?


No – while the main purpose of the app is to collect and monitor a given person's activities, there are no restrictions on the amount of information that can be accessed and recorded over a period of time. However, please bear in mind that accessing personal data stored in the memory of a specific device without prior written consent is prohibited under applicable legal frameworks in different countries around the world.


Are there any risks associated with using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Generally speaking, no – since actual identity is not revealed when making observations unless the user chooses to reveal themselves (for example, by writing comments while browsing websites that are monitored), the risk of being exposed is minimal. However, please take the time to read through the user agreement before deciding to install the application, as some jurisdictions may forbid the usage of certain types of tools, even if used anonymously, due to privacy regulations applied in those areas.


Is it possible to uninstall the spy software remotely if needed?


Yes - users can remove the app from their targeted HTC device remotely by simply logging into their account and clicking on the “Uninstall” button located at the bottom of the main window.


Can I view all the activities that are taking place on an HTC phone using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes – you can monitor and record practically all activities taking place on the target device from within your control panel or online dashboard. This includes incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, social media activity, location tracking, and more.


Will anyone else know I am spying on them if I use Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


As long as you take necessary precautions before starting surveillance (such as using anonymization tools or hiding your IP address), it is highly unlikely that third parties will ever find out who was behind observing a particular individual's activities, since the actual identity is not revealed during the process itself.


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is a mobile monitoring app that enables users to monitor and record activities, such as incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, social media activity, location tracking, and more. It is compatible with Android-based HTC smartphones.