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Tracking Apps for Cell Phones

Over 2.6 billion people today use smartphones and many of them are kids. Tracking apps for cell phones allow monitoring how your children, loved ones, or employees use their gadgets. You can even install these apps on your own phone to record and back up important data automatically.

As a GPS tracker is a ‘must have’ feature for all tracking apps for cell phones, it will help you find the device if it’s stolen. Of course, the efficiency of this program depends on its features and reliability. There are dozens of phone tracking applications available today, for example Spapp Monitoring or Easy Phone Track. All of them have some pros and cons, so to pick the best one for you, you must know how to choose monitoring apps.

Choosing Tracking Apps for Cell Phones: What to Look At

• Compatibility with the mobile OS.
Over 80% of smartphones in the world run on android and about 17% on iOS. Some of the programs support only one system, and many don’t run well even on different ‘editions’ of this software. For example, a tracker that works well with Android Marshmallow might not run on Nougat. It’s always best to choose tracking apps for cell phones that support numerous systems. For example, Spapp Monitoring is available for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it’s a good choice for families or businesses where people use a variety of gadgets. It also runs on every available version of Android.

• Security.
Tracking apps for cell phones must be secure. They will record extremely sensitive and personal information, such as chat logs, phone conversations, etc. If it falls into the wrong hands, this data can do a great deal of harm. Therefore, you must only use apps from trusted developers that have a good customer satisfaction rating. Be sure to find out the ‘mechanism’ of storing this data. Spy App for Mobile Phone uploads its records through a special channel onto the company’s secure server. Only you have access to it there and you need to use your login and password to reach it. Be sure to protect your login information.

• Ease of use.
Many of the tracking apps for cell phones are very sophisticated and have dozens of features. This might make using them difficult, especially if you aren’t a tech-savvy person. To avoid this problem, install apps that do most of the work for you. For example, once you install Easy Phone Track or Phone Tracker, you’ll just have to set up your tracking configuration. Do this by activating the features you are interested in, such as GPS monitoring, Facebook tracking, etc. The app will do the rest itself and you’ll only have to check the logs it uploads to the Phone Monitoring server.

• Features.
The best tracking apps for cell phones have dozens of helpful features. They can monitor browser history, app activity, GPS location, gallery, social media apps, SMS, record phone conversations, etc. You should pick an app that has the maximum number of features you might need. Even if you don’t use all of them from the beginning, you might want to enhance your tracker in the future.

Is It Legal to Use Tracking Apps for Cell Phones?

Using tracking apps for cell phones is legal if you do it right. In this case, ‘right’ means that you must inform the gadget’s owner about installing a monitoring application. Some states require that this warning must come in writing and that you must also get a written agreement. Look up the laws in your area and be sure to follow them to the letter. Installing tracking apps for cell phones in secret is definitely illegal. It’s also impossible as the user will definitely notice the program. It requires access to a variety of apps and internet connection to upload the logs.

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