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Did you know that in 2016 more than 80% time spent on social media happens on mobile and the number increase in 2017? That means that people enter on social media websites on their smartphone more often.

According Bitkom Research in 2014, 25% of children 10 years old and 85% of children aged 12 to 15 years have a smartphone and a smartphone comes with applications. According to Offcom research in 2016, one in five children aged 8 to 11 years and seven in ten children aged 12 to 15 years has a social media profile and nowadays Facebook is the most popular and most used social media platform, or at list in the western world. Did you know that in 2017 there are about 81 million fake Facebook accounts?

Smartphones, internet, technology are good if used in good reasons, but unfortunately there always will be at list a person to find something bad in a good thing and to use it as a bad thing. There aren't data on how many children are affected by online abuse, but according a research from 2014 one in 4 children have experiences something upsetting on a social networking site. Children usually don't say about an online abuse because:

• they are ashamed or even feel guilty;
• they don't really know they experience an abuse;
• they don't know whom to tell.

The feeling of shame or guilt is even more accentuate on teenagers because of the age. As a parent we want all the good for our children and sometimes we even don't know what to do and how to help. Take action! Do you have a teenage child and communication with him/her is already difficult but still you want to protect them? Hack Facebook messages!

How to hack Facebook messages ?

The best answer is use technology for a good reason! If our modern society is addicted to technology, why to not take all the good from it? Got a smartphone for your child? Excellent! Use Spapp Monitoring! Now even if you don't have ROOT you can spy on Facebook messages and activity from a specific device such as a smartphone. Here is how:

1. Download and install Spapp Monitoring on your child device.

2. Make an account during the install and insert your email and password when asked.

3. Check if you've enabled push notifications and accessibility during the install and let the tracking begin!

Now you know how to hack Facebook messages of your child. Spapp Monitoring is a legal program and it must be used legally, so make sure you read Spapp Monitoring Terms of service.

Why to hack Facebook messages of your children:

1. You'll be able to prevent cyberbulling or you'd know if it is happening and will be able to help your child;
2. You'll know if your child is in the wrong company and is risking to meet wrong people such as pedophiles, drug addicted and alcoholics;
3. You'll know if your child is acting normally or if there is an issue and you could help.

More advantages of Spapp Monitoring:

1. You'll know always where is your child by using location and route features
2. You'll know what he/she is doing, when, where and with whom. There are plenty useful features in Spy App for Mobile Phone for each parent.

Using Phone Tracker is not about controlling your child because you don't trust him/her. Trust is about your relationship with him/her and an app will not help. Phone Monitoring is useful because nowadays the world is not as secure as it seems and even if you trust your child, you never could trust the world around. You'll need to understand children are people as we are, teenagers could have a specific language or interest and that's normal, that's part of their development. When you hack Facebook messages of your children make sure you remember he/she is a teenager and you want to avoid someone to harm him/her, not to invade their privacy and end the teenage period.

Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. To download Facebook Messenger you can go to the Facebook's Google Play page.

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