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In 2016 the total number of mobile app downloads reached almost 150 billion. It’s difficult to determine how many people actually have a phone tracker app on their device. However, it’s a well-known fact that most users do not make the maximum of these programs’ functionality. Considering in how many great ways smartphone monitoring can benefit you, almost everyone would have a phone tracker app. If only they knew how to use it to go beyond regular SMS and call tracking.

Original Ways to Use a Phone Tracker App

Smartphone tracking applications are mostly used to monitor children and employees. Some people also install them on their romantic partner’s phones to find out if they are cheating. Note that the latter can be illegal if the person isn’t aware you’ve started monitoring their device.

In the majority of these cases, people only use the tracker app to watch messages and calls. Although, parents might also keep an eye on their kids’ location via GPS tracking.

Yet, a top-quality phone tracker app today is capable of many other things. The best of these programs have over a dozen features, and each is helpful. Spapp Monitoring currently stands out as one of the most efficient trackers on the market. Here’s how you can use this program to go beyond message monitoring:

1. Find your stolen phone.
If your smartphone is stolen or lost, you’ll be able to hinder any person who tries to benefit from it. First of all, GPS tracking will show you the current location of the device. You can also use a variety of Spapp Monitoring Anti-Theft features. These include a SIM card change alert, alarms that are activated remotely, and a lock phone feature. If all else fails, this phone tracker app can make sure your personal information remains protected by wiping it on a remote command.

2. Backup important information.
A phone tracker app can help you not only monitor someone else’s gadget, but manage yours as well. If you have a lot of important conversations using the device, the program will record and upload them to a secure server. You control which conversations Spapp Monitoring tracks, so you can set preferences based on your needs. This way, you’ll be able to listen or read work-related or personal conversations as many times as you want. Even if the device breaks down, the data will be available in the cloud. This backup feature covers images as well.

3. Track and block applications.
Some people install specialized apps to monitor their own use of programs and block some of them. However, a phone tracker app like Spy App for Mobile Phone has this feature built-in. Thus, it will assist with your time management and breaking bad habits of wasting time on social apps. You can also use this same feature to monitor your children or employees’ use of applications.

4. Record kids’ surroundings.
Not every phone tracker app has this feature, but Phone Tracker does. You can use it to record the ambient surroundings by sending an SMS command to the target phone. It’s a great feature for concerned parents who want to make sure their children are well. It can be indispensable in a critical situation.

5. Block potentially harmful websites.
Phone Monitoring is a phone tracker app that allows not only to monitor but also to boost the gadget’s safety. Millions of children come across some highly disturbing things when surfing the Web. Most do this by accident or following the prompts from peers. With this app, you won’t have to worry about this as it allows blocking potentially harmful websites. You can set a web block by keywords, which allows you to ensure nothing slips through.

Please don’t forget that installing a phone tracker app on a smartphone without notifying the owner is a crime. Find out the regulations in your country and follow them.

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