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Employees Monitoring <br/> Advantages and Disadvantages

Employees Monitoring
Advantages and Disadvantages

Keeping tabs in a busy work environment is the best way to ensure that everything is going according to plan and that all the employees are carrying out their tasks as expected. Laxity often causes a lot of carelessness and misdemeanor among employees and it makes everyone lose sight of achieving work goals. For an employer, monitoring your employees always shows that you are in control. However, this might be met with a lot of resistance. As beneficial as a monitoring system for your employees might be, it also comes with its own disadvantages.

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The Pros…

Monitoring your employees definitely enables you as an employer to clean house and make work improvements that you deem necessary as you get access to everything that your employees do. You will obviously notice those who are there for work and those that are there for ‘other reasons’.

Monitoring your employees also enables an employer to secure important work assets. Companies often want to secure patented information as this is never meant for anyone outside work premises. Thus monitoring software protects sensitive information.

On the higher side, employee monitoring increases productivity as an employer could make the decision to get rid of the less productive employees and retain the highly productive ones.

Monitoring company equipment usage is very important. It ensures that devices such as computers are not used for personal benefits such as chatting via social media (Facebook Facebook Spy, WhatsApp WhatsApp Spy, Twitter, Skype, Line or Viber Viber Spy) or uploading personal pictures. This generally takes away from work etiquette. In a nut shell, monitoring your employees mitigates risks, improves routing system and reduces idle time.

The Cons…

Monitoring anyone means intruding on their privacy. Some employees might feel like their privacy is being invaded through a surveillance system. As a good employer, it is important to listen and put their grievances at ease. Also, it is not wise to do surveillance behind their back. Always make everyone aware that they are being monitored! The introduction of a monitoring system might make some employees work in fear of getting fired once they do the wrong things. This generally does not allow them to grow individually, professionally or be better on their own. Some employees might also take it as a level of distrust.

For a company that is just starting out, adapting to monitoring equipment might seem quite expensive thus it is better to seek an alternative. Apart from this, it might also seem one-sided when a particular employee is given the task of monitoring and surveillance. This may cause bad blood at work.

When settling on a monitoring system, it is probably wise to start with a trail period to get a feel of how everything works. This could be helpful in assessing if the company could permanently adapt the system.

However, some tend to think that a carefully worded work policy coupled with strict punishment if these policies were to be violated is better than constantly keeping tabs on your employees- but then again- that’s just a thought!

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Is it legal to use Spapp Monitoring for employee monitoring?


The legality of using spy apps for employee monitoring varies depending on location. It's important to research local laws and regulations before implementing such software.


What are some potential concerns with using Spapp Monitoring for employee monitoring?


Some concerns may include invasion of privacy, creating a culture of mistrust in the workplace, and the possibility of false accusations based on incomplete information.


Is it ethical for employers to use Spapp Monitoring as a way to micromanage their employees?


No, constantly checking on employees' activities through Spapp Monitoring without a valid reason or necessity is not ethical and could harm the employer-employee relationship.


Are there any limitations or regulations on how employers can use employee monitoring tools like Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, there are several limitations and regulations that employers must follow when using employee monitoring tools. These may vary depending on location and industry, so it's essential to research and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


How does Spapp Monitoring work as an employee monitoring tool?


Spapp Monitoring is a phone tracking app that allows employers to monitor their employees' phone activity in real-time. It can track call logs, text messages, social media activity, and more.


What are the main advantages of employee monitoring?


The main advantages of employee monitoring include increased productivity, improved security, and better compliance with company policies.