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Changing the perception of Sexting

Changing the perception of Sexting

Sexting’ has become prevalent especially among teenagers and the young generation at large. More than 50% of minors explicitly exchange messages amongst each other. A major concern for most parents is that they are never in the know. However, awareness is key. It is important to make your children aware of the legal ramifications of indulging in such activities. However ‘harmless’ a teenager may consider a nude picture to be, ‘sexting’ is considered a prosecutable offence especially when done between minors. The same laws and penalties that apply to child pornography also apply to ‘sexting.’ Most parents tend to see the best in their children and therefore believe that they cannot take part in this.

A parental control application will help your children to see ‘sexting’ as an ethical issue.

Regardless of what we think, technology affects how our children behave, grow and generally think. The major risk might not actually be in sending these texts but the fact that one thing eventually leads to another. With technology so integrated in your child’s everyday life, it is important to educate them on the importance of boundaries. When it comes to monitoring your child’s activities in regards to ‘sexting’, our parental control application will enable you to educate yourself on the kind of application that your child uses. This will help you determine which ones are the most favorable and which ones you are willing to restrict.

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The parental app also enables parents to check their settings and customize them if necessary. Also, it helps you make use of in-built features in the parental application. Talking to your child about the consequences of ‘sexting’ may go a long way in helping them understand that they should not do what they normally wouldn’t do. Do not focus on the negative consequences. Intervention may cause rebellion when it comes to teenagers. However, let this not deter you from teaching them the importance of being in a healthy relationship. Using our parental control app is great but every parent has to go an extra mile to ensure their kids are safe in the digital world.

Most importantly, teach your child the difference of RIGHT from WRONG. It is equally important to let them know that that thinking before posting is quite important. It evaluates whether or not to communicate based on unauthorized language, scenarios and other factors that parents may deem unnecessary.

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Does using monitoring apps like Spapp violate trust between parent and child?


This ultimately depends on the individual family's values. However, if used responsibly with open communication between parent and child, monitoring apps can help build trust by promoting safety and transparency in the digital world.


Does Spapp Monitoring offer customer support?


Yes, Spapp has a dedicated team of customer support professionals who are available 24/7 to assist users with any queries or issues they may have.


Are there any warning signs that indicate a child may be involved in underage sexting?


Some warning signs include sudden changes in behavior or mood, secretive use of devices, and receiving inappropriate messages or media files from strangers.


Can monitoring apps be used for spying or stalking purposes?


No, monitoring apps should only be used for legitimate purposes such as parental control or employee monitoring. It is not ethical or legal to use them for spying or stalking someone without their consent.


Is it legal for schools to use monitoring apps like Spapp on students' devices?


Schools must obtain consent from parents before using such apps on students' devices. They must also have clear guidelines in place regarding the use of monitoring apps.


Can Spapp help in detecting and preventing online grooming?


Yes, by monitoring a child's online activity and conversations, Spapp can help parents identify any signs of grooming and take necessary precautions to protect their child.


Does Spapp Monitoring provide real-time alerts for inappropriate content on a child's device?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring has a feature that sends parents real-time alerts when inappropriate content or keywords are detected on their child's device.


Is it ethical for parents to monitor their child's phone activity using apps like Spapp Monitoring?


It ultimately depends on the individual family's values and beliefs. However, as a parent, it is important to ensure your child's safety and well-being online.


How can Spapp Monitoring help in changing the perception of sexting?


Spapp Monitoring is a phone tracking app that allows parents to monitor their child's device activity, including text messages and media files. This can help prevent underage sexting and protect children from potential dangers.


What is sexting?


Sexting refers to the act of sending or receiving sexually explicit messages, photos, or videos via electronic devices.