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Budget Smartphone for Great Selfies: Vivo V5

Of all budget smartphones available on the market today, Vivo V5 stands out as a reliable and an efficient model. It performs quite well and offers good value for your money. It can support Spapp Monitoring and a variety of other applications, so you’ll have no trouble tracking the smartphone and using it to the most of its ability.

Design-wise, this model looks quite plain and unassuming. It’s very similar to other Vivos, so many people consider it a disappointment in that nothing new was introduced with this release. The shell is all-plastic, which definitely cuts down on the cost.

This mattered for the Vivo V5 in particular because the gadget features a rather expensive 20MP camera for selfies. A feature like that would have propelled it right out of the budget price range if the manufacturer chose to go for a more competitive metal build. The drawback of a plastic build is that the gadget has become slippery. As such, if you aren’t careful, you can wreak that great camera in a minute.

Feature-wise, this Vivo holds up quite well in its class. It offers 4GB RAM and 32GB storage space. The MediaTek MT6750 octa-core chipset is efficient and allows you to enjoy all the best apps, including Spapp Monitoring.

Why Track Your Vivo V5 with Spapp Monitoring

If you wonder why you might need to install a tracking application on yours (or someone else’s) smartphone, you should look into the benefits offered by Spapp Monitoring. This program can:

Record all your calls and messages, uploading their copies to a secure server.
This feature can be used not only for monitoring but also to backup your own important conversations.

Copy all pictures taken with the gadget.
This would ensure that all those great selfies are safe even if your Vivo V5 breaks down.

Track the gadget via GPS.
Parents would appreciate that feature as it ensures you always know where your kids are. This is also a handy asset in case the device is lost or stolen.

Spapp Monitoring can be installed on your own gadget as a way to backup data or on the smartphones of your kids to increase their safety. You can even have it installed on your spouse’s device if you want to make sure they aren’t cheating on you. Business owners who provide their employees with several Vivo V5 can use this program to ensure they aren’t misusing the gadgets.

However, regardless of who you are and what purpose you plan to use the app for, you must inform the person who will use it about installing Spapp Monitoring. This is a mandatory legal requirement for most countries. You can check out the privacy laws in your area to learn how exactly to proceed about monitoring smartphones legally.

Spapp Monitoring should work on any Vivo V5 without issues as the gadget’s capabilities are sufficient for running this program in the background at all times. However, in order to enable it properly, you’ll need to readjust the basic iManager settings.

iMananger is a built-in feature in Vivo devices that controls the use of background apps. Its main purpose is to optimize the running of the system and ensure most efficient battery consumption. Therefore, when you install an energy-consuming program like Spy App for Mobile Phone, you must activate it manually.

Follow these steps to tweak your Vivo V5 iManager:

1. Open the iManager app.
2. Choose App Manager.
3. Select Autostart Manager.
4. Enable Phone Tracker.

Now your gadget would have Phone Monitoring running safely in the background, collecting the data at all times. Note that this isn’t an invisible app and, like any other tracker, it requires Internet access to upload the logs.

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