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A Powerhouse of Google’s Genius: Nexus 6P

Nowadays, no one is surprised with the fact that Google produces amazing gadgets. Therefore, the Nexus 6P isn’t really a shocking device, but this doesn’t diminish its value in the least. The smartphone offers a variety of premium-quality features and Android Nougat. Being a Nexus, this device does exactly what one expects of it, which is showing off the Google’s software at its best.

If you are a fan of Android and an avid user of Google services, there is no better gadget than this one as all Nexus models are designed to work brilliantly with them. The Nexus 6P allows you to push all Google software to its limits because it’s backed up with top-quality hardware.

As is also a tradition of Nexus, this excellent combination is available for a price lower than that of its direct competitors, which are the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. There is no arguing the fact that the latest model of Nexus may not be a direct competitor with the recent releases of those top brands for the leading spot on the market. However, it stands very close and offers efficiency that can easily compare to those giants.

Our Spy App works better on a Google phone because the operating system is less modified by the phone's manufacturer. For example Xiaomi, Vivo and many other phone manufacturers modify Android in order to add some inbuilt task killers that may kill our Spy App for Android. Phone Tracker has to run in the background in order to record data from the phone.

Nexus 6P: Pros and Cons

For all that the 6P is a great smartphone, it does have a few drawbacks. The good news is that none of them have anything to do with its performance as an efficient gadget. The main (and many would claim the only one) disadvantage of the phone is its design.

This gadget is a bit on the ‘big and heavy’ side and looks too cumbersome when compared to the thin and sleek models popular today. However, as is always the case with appearances, this is a matter of personal taste.

Unfortunately, the Nexus 6P doesn’t have the wireless charging feature. It’s really a surprise as its predecessors had it.

The advantages of this smartphone, however, outweigh any negatives greatly. This device features a high-quality camera that allows you to take great shots in almost any conditions. It has a fingertip reader that really works and the overall level of the gadget’s security is as high as of any premium smartphone.

The hi-res screen is so good, it deserves to be mentioned, and the rest of the equipment is up to par. Combine this with the full capabilities of Google software and you’ll get a fantastic top-tier smartphone with a highly competitive price.

How to Track the Nexus 6P with Spapp Monitoring

As it’s an Android phone, you’ll have no problems using Spy App for Mobile Phone to monitor it. The application works perfectly well with the devices that run this OS, so you can use all the features it can offer.

However, in order to allow the program to run on your Nexus, you will need to disable the built-in battery optimization feature:

1. Go to Menu
2. Choose Settings
3. Find the Battery section
4. Click the three dots button (top right corner)
5. Click Battery Optimization
6. Click the arrow button and choose All Apps
7. Find Backup App in the list and select it
8. Choose ‘Don’t optimize’
9. Press Done to save your changes

This minor change in settings is necessary for any device running on Android Nougat or higher, so it’s not only the Nexus 6P owners who will need to go through this process. It’s necessary to prevent the smartphone from shutting down Phone Tracker to save the battery when program runs in the background. Here is a detailed step-by-step video tutorial

Don’t forget that the use of tracking software without informing the gadget’s owner is prohibited in most countries. Phone Monitoring in itself is legal and you can use this program however you see fit. Just don’t forget to warn the adult owners of the gadgets before installing this tracking software.

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