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Looking for a Telegram call recording spy solution and/or a Telegram notes tracker app? Keep reading.

All you need to know about Telegram call recording spy

Spy App for Mobile Phone can now be used as aTelegram call recording spy app. But as usually, there are few rules:

1. Telegram call recordings and notes are available only for a FULL Spapp Monitoring | Phone Tracker subscription. If you are in trial, you receive 3-5 random recordings (usually first ones used/started) so you'll need to make a full subscription (select to include recordings when selection your subscription period). If you have a basic subscription (recordings not included) then you need an upgrade. For this go to Make a payment section and select the option of subscription upgrade. If you have already a full subscription, then go to next rule.
v 2. Make sure you have version 16.4 of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App on your target device. If you install now the app for the first time then it is by default last version. If you have an older version on your target device, please uninstall the old version and after install the new one from our website. On lower versions Telegram call recorder tracker is not available.

3. Telegram call recorder spy feature is available on Android 10 devices and upper versions only.

4. Telegram call recording spy is available for audio or video call. However, you'll receive only the audio recording for both cases.

All you need to know about Telegram notes spy

Telegram notes spy is a feature that is requiring few rules:

1. As for Telegram call recorder tracker, Telegram notes tracker needs you to have version 16.4 of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Android.

2. Telegram notes spy is available for lower Android version. However, it may not be available on some devices with Android 12 and even 11. If you receive Telegram call recordings but for notes you receive only a notification then it is most likely due this - your target device's Android version is 11 or 12. However, we recommend to write to our technical support to check if there is something else and to help you to fix it.

3. As the Telegram call recording spy feature, Telegram notes spy feature is available only for a full subscription.

Got some extra questions? Contact us at [email protected] and someone will help you in the shortest time possible.

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