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Root with SuperOneClick

Root with SuperOneClick

In this article we will explain how to root a device with SuperOneClick. It is a simple method that supports a wide range of different devices. If SuperOneClick doesn’t support your device, search on the Internet a suitable alternative tool.

It should be noted that although this method has been tried and tested, no liability is assumed for any damage resulting from the wrong performing of this process. So, follow the steps carefully and root your device at your own risk.
First of all please disable the antivirus. Some antivirus programs may detect a threat.


Step 1. On the official website of SuperOneClick you can find the download links for your device.
Step 2. Connect your phone to your computer. WARNING: do not check the "USB Mass storage" mode
Step 3. Go to phone Settings => Applications => Development and tick "USB debugging"
Step 4. Run the SuperOneClick.exe from your computer.
Step 5. Starting with the 2.3.1 version, the program will automatically searches if you have installed the necessary drivers. If you are prompted to install some drivers, click Yes and then select "Install this driver software anyway"
Step 6. In the SuperOneClick window press on the Root button and the application will start the root process. The process will take several minutes. Restart your device after root.
Step 7. After completing this process you will receive a message that you will be asked to perform a test. Click “Yes”.
Step 8. A command will be sent to your phone. If a message appears on the screen click "Allow" in Superuser.
You may be prompted to restart your phone. If you are prompted close and reopen your phone.


SuperOneClick will automatically install the SuperUser binary. Each time when an application will try to obtain root access you will receive a message by which you can Allow or Deny the SuperUser access. Later you can open the Superuser app from your device to control and configure the Superuser permissions. Now you can install and use applications that require root access.

Our application require Superuser access to record the Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber messages. Normally you will get a message that asks you if you want to give Superuser permission to Spapp Monitoring. That Superuser application should be configured to give that right without asking. If it is set to ask, the application could not get Superuser permission if you don't respond in time.

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Can I transfer my subscription of Spapp Monitoring to a different account or device?


Yes, you can transfer your subscription by contacting customer support and providing necessary information for verification.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for illegal purposes?


No, the app should only be used for legal and legitimate purposes such as monitoring children's or employees' devices with their consent.


Is there customer support available for Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, there is a dedicated support team available to assist with any questions or issues regarding the app.


Can I transfer my Spapp Monitoring subscription to another device?


Yes, you can transfer your subscription by deactivating it on one device and reactivating it on another.


Is it possible to hide the SuperOneClick and Spapp Monitoring apps from the target device?


Yes, both apps can be hidden from the app drawer and will not appear in the list of installed apps.


Is there customer support available for SuperOneClick and Spapp Monitoring users?


Yes, both SuperOneClick and Spapp Monitoring have customer support available for any questions or technical issues.


Can I access my account and monitor data from another device?


Yes, you can log in to your account from any device with internet access and view monitored data.


Is rooting necessary for using Spapp Monitoring?


No, rooting is not required for basic features of the app. However, some advanced features may require root access.


Can I install apps that require root access after using SuperOneClick?


Yes, with root access you can install and use apps that require this level of permission.


Will my phone still be able to use carrier services after rooting?


Yes, rooting does not affect your phone's ability to use carrier services such as calls, texts, and data.


How long does it take to root a device using SuperOneClick?


The process usually takes a few minutes, but it may vary depending on your device and internet connection speed.


Can I unroot my phone after using Root with SuperOneClick?


Yes, you can unroot your phone by using the same software and following the steps in reverse.


What are the risks of rooting my phone?


Rooting can potentially damage your device or cause it to malfunction if not done correctly. It can also leave your phone vulnerable to security threats.