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Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and how to install ClockworkMod Recovery

Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and how to install ClockworkMod Recovery

The ClockworkMod Recovery allows a variety of functions such as the custom ROM installation, Wipe Data, return to the factory settings and many others.
In the next article we will show you how to install the ClockworkMod Recovery and how to root your Galaxy Note 2.

It should be noted that although this method has been tried and tested, no liability is assumed for any damage resulting from the wrong performing of this process. So, follow the steps carefully and root your device at your own risk.


Step 1: Download the Windows drivers (32-bit or 64-bit version) for Galaxy Note 2
Step 2: Download Odin 3 and the CF-Auto-Root file
Step 3: Unzip the Odin 3 archive into a folder
Step 4: Turn off your device. Now reboot into Download mode. You can do this by pressing Home, Volume Down and Power button at the same time until the display will light. At this moment press Volume Up button to get into Download Mode.
Step 5: Open the Odin.exe file from the folder where you have unzipped the Odin 3.
Step 6: Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. Odin will display a message: "Added!' in the bottom left, that means that the device has been detected. If this message doesn’t appear, change the USB port.
Step 7: In Odin, click the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root file that was downloaded in step 2. The Re-Partition option should remain unchecked
Step 8: Click the Start button in Odin to begin. Odin will display the ‘Pass’ message and the device will be restarted automatically. When the Samsung logo will appears, you can disconnect the USB cable from the phone.
Step 9: If this operation doesn’t succeed Odin will display the ‘Fail’ message instead of ‘Pass’. You must not be alarmed. All you have to do is to unplug the device, turn it off, remove the battery for a few seconds, then repeat this tutorial.

After restarting the device it will be automatically rooted. The ClockworkMod Recovery can be accessed by holding down the Volume Up, Home and Power button. At this moment you managed to root your Galaxy Note 2 phone.

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Can I use Spapp Monitoring to view deleted text messages?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring can still record and display deleted text messages as long as they were sent or received while the app was installed on the device.


Will rooting my phone void my carrier contract?


Rooting may void your warranty but should not affect your carrier contract. However, it's always best to check with your carrier before making any modifications.


Will rooting my phone unlock any hidden features or apps?


No, rooting will not unlock any hidden features or apps. It simply gives you full administrative control over your device.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring outside of my country?


Yes, as long as the target device has an internet connection, you can access data from anywhere in the world.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring without an internet connection?


No, an internet connection is required for the app to transmit data to your control panel.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring without anyone knowing?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring works in stealth mode and does not appear on the target device's app list or notification bar.


How do I install ClockworkMod Recovery on my Galaxy Note 2 N7100?


You can install ClockworkMod Recovery by downloading the appropriate recovery image for your device and using Odin or other flashing software to flash it onto your device's recovery partition.


Is Spapp Monitoring legal to use?


It is legal to use as long as you are the owner of the device being monitored or have obtained proper consent from the owner. It is generally required that you own the device or have permission from the owner to install and use such software on it. In many places, it's also necessary to inform the person using the monitored device that they are subject to monitoring. It is your responsibility as a user of Spapp Monitoring to ensure that your use complies with all applicable laws in your country and locality. This includes (but might not be limited to) privacy laws, electronic surveillance regulations, telecommunications legislation, criminal codes, and any specific statutes regarding monitoring or recording activities. Failure to adhere to these legal requirements can lead not only to legal penalties but may also result in civil liabilities. Always consult local legislation or a legal specialist before installing and activating any monitoring software on another individual’s mobile device.


Do I need root access to use Spapp Monitoring?


No, Spapp Monitoring works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.


Can I root my Galaxy Note 2 without a computer?


Yes, there are one-click rooting apps available for certain devices. However, using a computer and specialized software like Odin is recommended for a more stable and secure rooting process.