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How to disable inbuilt task killers of SPAPP Monitoring on a Huawei device

Huawei devices are compatible with SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Mobile Phone as any other Android devices up to the last Android version (11, including). As on other models on Huawei devices are few inbuilt task killers steps to be done in order make sure SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Tracker is working smoothly.

All task killers steps are related to device's settings and to the Optimizer app. Related to Optimizer app you must disable some Optimizer general settings, Cleanup and Virus scan settings. We remind you that SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App is not a virus but because of its specific (it extract a lot of data and is working in background) it is identified as a virus by antivirus apps. In the device's settings you must disable Power consumption alert and the automatic management of App launch, enable Startup manager and Stay connected when device sleeps options.

These steps are for Android 10 Huawei/Honor devices but some of them are found as well in Android 8 and 9 Huawei/Honor devices.

Step-by-step guide to disable inbuilt task killers on Huawei/Honor devices:

Optimizer app steps:
1. Go to Optimizer -> Tap on the right upper corner Settings menu icon -> Uncheck for Smart Tune-up and Auto-clean junk files. After tap on Auto-update cleanup database and select Never. Now tap on Online virus scan and select Never.
2. Go to Optimizer -> select Cleanup -> select Junk files -> select Internal storage -> select Backup -> select Ignore and check Don't remind me again
3. Go to Optimizer -> select Virus Scan -> select Check if you see there is our app Backup as a threat. Normally it shouldn't be detected anymore as you selected to not scan it anymore. If this is still showing as a threat then please check if you did steps from 1.

Disable Power consumption alert and disable manage automatically for App launch:
Go to Settings -> select Apps & notifications -> select Apps -> select Backup -> select Power usage details -> select Power consumption alert and Turn OFF.
After it select App launch -> go to Manage automatically and Turn OFF.
After it tap on OK in order to save the new settings.

Enable Startup manager:
Go to Settings -> select All -> select Startup manager -> Find Backup or SPAPP Monitoring and switch ON.

Enable Stay connected when device sleeps:
Go to target device’s Settings -> select Battery > Tap on the Settings icon -> select Stay connected when device sleeps option -> Turn ON .

For Huawei/Honor devices Android 8 or lower you can check as well the how to disable inbuilt task killers on Huawei devices with Android 8 and lower guide.

When exactly to do the task killers steps on Huawei/Honor devices

Normally the task killers steps are to be done immediately after the install of SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Android is done. However, on upper Android Huawei/Honor devices it is recommended to follow these steps during the install.

Follow the install guide and after you allow all the permissions (the last one is to allow background activity of SPAPP Monitoring) you'll be on the SPAPP Monitoring's menu interface. Now is the moment to tap on the home icon and to follow the task killers steps. After you do ALL task killers steps, the SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Monitoring icon will still be on the home screen under the name of SPAPP Monitoring, NOT Backup as the app is normally on the device. That means the app is not installed until the end and you need to continue the install process, so tap on the SPAPP Monitoring app icon and continue the install as in the install guide. The guide is valid for Android 8, 9, 10 and 11 devices.

However, if your Huawei/Honor device has some essential differences, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you as soon as possible.

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HUAWEI P20 lité

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, Did you follow these steps for a HUAWEI P20 lité device? In general the steps should be the same but depending on your Android version there may some small differences. Thanks