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Gmail has over 4.1 billion email users worldwide being one of the most used email apps. If you are using Spapp Monitoring - Spy App for employee monitoring then Gmail spy is a feature for you. More than this, when we say Gmail spy, we mean not only emails, but also the integrated chat spy and meeting spy.

All about Gmail tracker feature

Gmail tracker includes more features:

1. Gmail tracker - incoming Gmail e-mails notifications. If the e-mail is long then you'll see only the part visible in the notification. However, in most cases you can select to see all the content in the notification. Sent/outgoing e-mails are not available.

2. Google Chat tracker - incoming and outgoing chat messages from the inbuilt Chat section in Gmail app.

3. Google Meeting tracker - call notifications and recordings of calls made in the inbuilt Meeting section in Gmail app.

Except these features, you have some several old Google related features: 1. Google Duo spy - incoming and outgoing call notifications and recordings of calls from Google Duo app.

2. Google Chrome spy - URL addresses accessed on Google Chrome browser app.

Gmail logs are in Google section of your account. Google Duo logs and recordings are in Other logs section and Google Chrome logs are in Browser logs section.

Gmail spy, and Google spy in general, is a complex group of features, some older, some newer in Phone Tracker - Spapp Monitoring's features list.

Most of these features were added with version 16.6 of our app. However, Chrome tracker is a very old feature. For recordings you need a full subscription, otherwise you'll see only the notifications of calls without recordings.

Have a question about some of the Gmail spy features? Or any question or issue related to our app? Feel free to contact us using your ticketing option when logged in or write an email to [email protected] and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

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Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC.
Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC.
Gmail is a registered trademark of Google LLC. To download Gmail app you can go to the Gmail's Google Play page. Google Duo is a registered trademark of Google LLC. To download Google Duo app you can go to the Google Duo's Google Play page.

Amalia - -73 days ago

I think this is the first time Spy Phone App looks also into emails. I would love to see more info about this.