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Workplace Privacy

An Employee’s privacy in their workplace is a very controversial topic that might never find resolve. With increasing enhance on computer and high end technology that allows monitoring to take place, most company employees might just bid their right to privacy goodbye. While in public sectors, it could be considered illegal to violate someone’s privacy, different rules could apply in private sectors. Private employers usually feel like anything they say should go thus creating a lot of unresolved feelings in the workplace.

The use of the internet and Email are two aspects that have made employee privacy a little questionable. It’s normal for some workers to have ill-feelings towards this but monitoring to a certain extent is acceptable under law. Depending on how you look at it, workplace privacy has both its pitfalls and its perks.

The perks:
When a worker has their privacy, they usually feel secure around their work environment. In instances where employers conduct searches on employee belongings, an employee would feel more secure if they are given keys to their desks or work drawers. This way, both parties will have nothing to worry about.

The internet is the most notorious facilitator of infringement of privacy rights. While an employer can log on anytime in order to find out what their staff has been up to on general company computers, it will be a little bit disturbing to most employees who value this kind of privacy. Companies could go ahead and have specific gadgets for employee personal use therefore creating a good level of privacy especially when they can maintain their equipment without worrying about their personal data running into the hands of their employer. However, employees should respect the system and recognize that activities such as monitoring cell phone calls and surveillance systems are justifiable in the workplace.

For employers that conduct drug testing in the workplace, they should do it subtly and in ways that are comfortable to all of their staff members. Drug testing should be limited to:
• Workers that appear as a threat to themselves and others
• Workers who are currently on or have completed a drug rehabilitation programs.
• Suspected workers who might have been involved in drug-related incidents.

To ensure that employee’s privacy concerns are well understood among all staff members, proper communication is important. This is also important in establishing legal and ethical work boundaries. Of course, there are limits to the information a company is entitled to seek on their employee’s sexual preferences, affiliations, alcohol use, and drugs and so on. Thus, if any given company wishes to proof to justify such a wish is on the company itself. Even so, employees should understand that when their performance is affected, then the company is justified in inquiring reason for such behavior. For any company that wants to monitor their employees, Spy App is the perfect cell tracking application.

If any employee feels like their employer might have overstepped their legal privacy rights then they should take up this issue to a higher degree; many amicable solutions could be discussed. Bottom line is that employees are entitled to their rights but they should balance their needs against their employers’ privileges in order to monitor their business operations.

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