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Windows Phone 8 VS. Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8 VS. Windows Phone 7

Launched on 28th October, most mobile phone users have never wanted to look back after the realization of the Windows Phone 8. The fact that it supports HD displays, multi-core chip systems, micro SD card readers and has an enhanced background doesn’t even begin to describe the joy of using the Windows 8 Phone. Windows 7 just isn’t as cohesive.

Windows 8 is striking; it’s great to look at and has that amazing feel that most users always hope for in their devices. Features like Microsoft Cloud Storage solution makes it really easy to sync any device with the Windows Phone 8. Generally, the Windows Phone 8 has a unified user experience as compared to the Windows Phone 7.

The Windows phone 8 home screen is much more customizable than its previous version. It’s also fun to use as the user can change the tile and lock screen. Generally, it has taken technology to the next level. When it comes to the internet, the Windows Phone 7 had the Internet Explorer 9 version while Windows Phone 8 has taken it a notch higher by the Internet Explorer 10. This means faster page rendering and amazing graphics.

Features like the people hub make these two kinds of phones a different as night and day. Both phones have a hub but the Windows Phone 7 does not contain a rooms feature.

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Upgrades on Windows Phone 8 that aren’t on Windows Phone 7:

Kid’s corner:

This is basically your kids ‘wish list’ for applications. The kids corner basically allows you to build a ‘guest’ area that user can easily customize with any features e.g. The user can put together all the application their children use for easy accessibility.

The Microsoft wallet (NFC):

This makes mobile payments very possible. Users can easily store card account, PayPal details and other important membership information. The wallet PIN is always very highly secured; therefore, transactions are always safe.


The Windows Phone 7 has a single processor while Windows Phone 8 is solely for multi-core devices (removable microSD cards, 1280*720 resolutions, NFC support)

However, the two phones have some shared features that include:
• User Interface settings: It’s easy for users of both phones to alter the screen tiles.
• Camera options: Both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 have timers, panorama and action tools.

The Windows Phone 8 is a great upgrade but not a massive one. However, it might be a little hard for most Windows Phone 7 users to upgrade when Microsoft promised to also make minor upgrades to Windows 7 e.g. to 7.5 and 7.8 for lower specification devices.

Therefore, the need to upgrade to Windows phone 8 is not pressing for most users. It’s wise to make this technological change only if it best suits you and you’re able to do so. But if you can live without an integrated Skype, e-wallet or background multi-tasking then stick to your guns and retain your Windows Phone 7 or go for a 7.8. It isn’t worth the change.


Does Windows Phone 8 offer any additional features than 7 that might make it a better option for businesses?


Yes! With Windows Phone 8 you can take advantage of features such as native Skype integration, internet tethering capability and NFC wireless sharing feature which makes it ideal for small business owners who need to stay connected with their workers on the go. Additionally, the multi-core processor support ensures that users have access to more powerful hardware specifications when needed.


Do the functions of Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app work differently on Windows Phone 8 compared to 7?


No, all of the features offered by Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app are available for both versions and work the same regardless of which version you have installed.


Are there any limitations when using Windows Phone 7 compared to Windows Phone 8?


Generally speaking there are some limitations with older versions of Windows phones compared to newer ones; this includes limited number of apps available in app stores due fewer sensors supported (gyroscope etc.), limited performance (slower CPU), lack of Bluetooth Low Energy support as well as no 4G LTE option available. Additionally with older models you may not get access to new updates quickly or at all due to hardware limitations which is why upgrading is recommended for those who want latest features sooner rather than later.


What are the main differences between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7?


The most significant changes in Windows Phone 8 over its predecessor include multi-core processor support, removable storage/microSD card support, NFC wireless sharing features, native Skype integration, internet tethering capability, a redesigned start screen with resizable tiles and more customization options.