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What is KIK messenger?

The Internet can certainly be a dangerous place. When we think of the best kind of parental control, we think “access denied”; free parental control software that curtails cyber bullying, blocks inappropriate websites and simply limits computer usage to something far less than the norm. So is KIK messenger-a free instant application that changes IM chats and texting as we know it.

This application as well as the other mobile tracking Apps give the turbulent joys of proper parenting in the digital age. KIK messenger was majorly developed against the advent of texting. Time has passed and most children are well raised in the tech-savvy art of computing thus KIK has been helpful in addressing and parents underlying concerns in relation to their children’s conversations. Unlike common applications KIK can replace a texting plan through a cell provider, data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

The app basically enables its users to:
Freely interact through text messages
Send and exchange photos on their contact lists
Start group chats with a number of other KIK users
Invite non-KIK users to join KIK
Use any user names and profile photos of their choice

For most parents KIK messenger is a concern because of the ability to invite any kind of user onto their KIK profile. In this way, most children will easily become vulnerable to interaction with unknown persons which may result to cases of kidnapping, bullying or even abuse. In comparison to other parental controls that may deny access to a social media especially for underage children, KIK allows children to still interact through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, My space and Tumblr. That's why sometimes phone tracking is the best solution for children protection.

Anyone that uses KIK can browse through their phone contacts and find out who is on KIK. This might be a safer way to connect as it only allows people who already know each other to start conversations; however, the application still offers free-will for your child to chat with anybody. Despite the applications uncertainty, more than anything else KIK just offers a fast and simple place for everyone to interact with sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, your conversations will come to life.

The best KIK features

No phone numbers, just usernames
Let’s you decide who to talk to
Memes, funny pictures and videos that allow you to share what you like.
Chat with up to 50 people with just a hash tag
Create a private group
Upgraded applications

KIK enables users to dismiss notifications from a chat and delete unwanted messages. It is available on any IOS, Android and windows phone. Modeled after the blackberry messenger, it takes connecting to a whole new level-literally.

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