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Video tracker app

If you install a video tracker app, like Spy App, on a smartphone, you will be able to monitor all the videos taken with the gadget’s camera. Having access to this information can bring you some great benefits, but doing this also has some cons. You’ll need to consider both before you take steps to track video on your children’s or employees’ smartphones.

Pros of Using a Video Tracking App:

• Cyberbullying fight and prevention.
The app will alert you in case your child takes an inappropriate video and uses it for the purpose of bullying. Phone monitoring also monitors messenger apps, so you will know if some bully sends a video like this to your kid. In either case, being aware of the situation will help you resolve it quickly.

• Employee monitoring.
When you provide your employees with smartphones, you need to be sure that they use them responsibly. Phone monitor allows you to monitor all communications as well as pictures and videos.

Cons of Using a Video Tracking App:

• Invasion of privacy.
This is the only argument against this type of programs and it doesn’t hold much substance when you take into account the fact that almost 80% of children have experienced cyberbullying in some form. Adults aren’t safe from this type of abuse either, so monitoring your employees’ devices actually helps you deal with office bullying.

As you can see, there really aren’t any serious drawbacks to installing Phone Tracker if you use this app responsibly. Don’t abuse the private information you gain through the program and it will do you nothing but good.

Please be aware that you will need to inform your employees about installing this app even though it’s not a phone hack.

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