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Utilizing parental control to curb phone addiction

Most conflicts between parents and teenagers are increasingly related to technology. The use of the Internet and the social media especially among teenagers is rampant. According to research, they average to more than seven hours a day on their cell phones, web, video games and television. Although the current modes of communication are a dream come true to any marketer, they are a nightmare to most parents.

There are no secrets online , no privacy and no mercy for anyone that doesn't actively shield themselves from predators but for some reasons, kids and teens enjoy making the most of this virtual world.

The importance of monitoring

Parents should understand how negatively the Internet can impact their children. They also need to be able to easily recognize tell-tale signs of addiction and technology-related issues that exists amongst their growing teens: Emotional, Behavioral, Physical and interpersonal aspects of growth. The use of parental control to curb phone addiction has allowed the access and treatment of phone addiction

Identifying signs of pathological phone use in your teen

The most-common tell-tale signs that sell-out phone addiction include:

1. Losing track of time when online. 2. Sacrificing needed hours of sleep to spend time online. 3. Becoming easily agitated or angry when online time is interrupted. 4. Checking emails numerous times in a day. 5. Becoming irritable if not allowed time to access the Internet. 6. Spending time online instead of doing homework and chores. 7. Spending time online rather than with friends and family. 8. Disobeying time limit set for internet usage. 9. Irritability and mood savings when not online. 10. “Sneaking” online when no one is around. 11. Preoccupation when using the computer.

Introducing Parental controls

There are many great parental controls that allow parents to set basic ground rules for their child’s use of the Internet while phone tracking. They ensure age appropriate, use set time limits and also do not expose them to explicit content. Parental controls such as spy app allows parents to view texts, calls, see the location of the phone and monitor all social media activity. It also shows all visited sites and web activity.

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Even though teens seem to be more technology savvy than their parents, they aren't always aware of the impending dangers technology can produce. Monitoring technology ensures that teens maintain balance and be consistent with rules and regulations regarding technology use.