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Apple’s iOS device location feature has been very popular since it’s unveiling. It lets you locate, and even track your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on your iCloud or through the web. If the device was recently on, it’s actually possible to see its location on a map as well as send a message to it or even securely erase its contents.

Setting up:
• Use an existing Apple ID with find my Friends once you have converted that ID to iCloud. This automatically happens when you sign in the iCloud under iOS 5 in the settings up. However, you cannot use this phone location feature with other web app until you migrate the applications to your iCloud.
• Use your sign in name and password to sign in to the ‘find my iPhone’ iOS app, ‘find my friends’ iOS app or the icloud website. To use the application, launch it on any iOS device; to use the website, log into and on click the ‘Find My Friends’ button.

How it works
‘Find My Friends uses the same technology as ‘Find My iPhone’ to let you locate your friends by finding their iOS devices.
• Launch the app on your iPhone
• Enter your iCloud account name and password.
• Click on sign in, and confirm that you want to share your location
• You’ll be able to use a list of your friends on the iPad Map, showing the location of any friend’s you are following.

Creating temporary events
The ‘Find My Friend’s app on iCloud sharing by creating temporary events. Click on the ‘Temporary’ button at the bottom of the screen and then select ‘invite friend’s’, click ‘send’ and your invitation is sent. At any time, it’s possible to view the Temporary list to see a list of temporary events and their participants. In case you want to prevent someone from following you, you can remove them from the event or from your friend list.

Using multiple iOS devices with ‘Find My Friends’
If you have an iPhone and an iPod, you can sign into the app on both devices using the same Apple ID. However, your friend will be able to view the location of only one device.

To choose which device will be locatable:
Click on ‘Me’ at the bottom of the screen > click on account > click on the desired device listed under ‘Active Devices’

iCloud has surely incorporated from into its serious sets of devices and applications.

‘Find My Friends’ is really no exception. It allows iPhone and iCloud users to use their devices together with the right group of people and even institutions such as keeping track of important people such as family members quite useful. The good news? It’s entirely optional, but easy to set up and use. The bad news is it can be used in order to blackmail or harassment of your children, but don't worry, there is always a solution, use Spy App in order to know what exactly store on iCloud your children. Enjoy!