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Use only domain for our app

From September 2021 the old domain will no longer be owned by our company.

Please use only for our app

What does that mean for you as user

It means you must go to to login and see your logs. About two years ago we have changed our website to The domain has redirected to for more than two years. There are still some people that access and they have been redirected to From September 2021, you will no longer be redirected to if you access the old domain We do not plan to change the website design so probably you'll understand if you enter by mistake the old domain.

It also means to not enter the old domain to contact us as we'll not receive your emails and we really want to keep in touch with you. Use only the contact page and/or the ticketing option from your account when you are logged in. Our contact email is support @

Last but surely still a very important aspect, please use for download or any troubleshooting.

We remind you that we offer a 24/7 technical support to ask any questions related to SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Mobile Phone and to help you with any issues you related our app and website. Feel free to contact us to [email protected]
If you don't receive the answer in 24 hours (our maximum answer time) then please check your spam box. We always reply to ALL of our messages.


Do not enter in the url bar. Modify your Bookmark if the url is

Use only the url . If not, you may not access your account.

You can also open and type spapp monitoring. The first result is our project.


IPlease.Will be used in Iphone


Hi, We no longer support iPhones. We recommend to use Spapp Monitoring for Android.


Does this service provide updates about where family members are located?


Yes! With advanced geolocation tools built into the platform, customers can easily receive notifications regarding the whereabouts of their family members, either sent directly to them via email or even viewed live on a map within the mobile application itself. This ensures that they know exactly where people around them stand at all times without having to worry about taking manual steps to check each time manually.


Is there any additional cost involved with using this service?


No; all that is required to utilize the services provided by Spapp Monitoring spy phone app through their dedicated website ( is an active subscription, which offers different plans depending on the customer's needs and budget, respectively. Neither do we charge any hidden fees or require the installation of additional software onto monitored devices to take advantage of what the service has to offer.


What features are available when using the domain?


When using the domain for our app, users can access a wide range of features such as real-time updates on calls, texts, emails sent/received from target devices, websites visited by monitored persons, and much more. Additionally, customers will also have access to extra insight into user habits & preferences related to device usage throughout day-to-day life, and they can also set up alerts based on specific criteria such as location tracking, etc.


What happens if I lose connection while using only this domain?


In case the user loses connection while using, there is nothing to worry about since all data collected up to that point will automatically get backed up securely to cloud servers, allowing them to resume where they left off once the connection is restored. However, some small differences may exist between the backed-up version and the original content due to synchronization issues, so customers must keep backups frequently as a precautionary measure to avoid potential problems later on when reviewing results.


Can I limit what kind of activity will be tracked by the app?


Absolutely, the team behind Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provides granular level control over which specific kinds of activity get monitored, such as call logs, text messages, emails sent/received, etc. This allows customers to set up custom filters per family member or location basis, ensuring that they receive only relevant updates needed without being inundated by unnecessary notifications throughout the day.


Are there payment plans available for using this service?


Yes, aside from offering a single monthly subscription, customers also have the option to choose between one or two-year plans depending on their requirements and budget, respectively. Both of these plans come with guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support, along with other benefits like advanced security measures and detailed reports, etc.


Does using only this domain require installation of additional software onto the target device?


No, while downloading the mobile application from the App Store or Google Play store may be necessary in order to access certain features within our app, customers don't need to install any extra software onto their target devices in order to monitor activity, since everything can be done directly through the web portal itself, i.e.,


Can I delete previously collected data?


Yes, users are able to delete any previously collected data by either disabling certain features or deleting the entire profile from the app altogether if they no longer wish to use the service. However, please note that once deleted, there’s no way to recover lost information, similar to one found on the physical device itself.


What type of changes can be made within my monitored device settings?


Customers have full control over various settings related to their monitored devices through the web portal, such as enabling/disabling specific features, setting up alerts based on specific criteria, or updating existing user preferences, etc. This allows them to customize their experience so that they always stay informed about important activities taking place in real-time without having to manually check every day.


How long does it take to set up an account on this website?


Setting up an account on Spapp Monitoring spy phone app’s dedicated website ( should only take a few minutes of your time. All you need to do is enter basic details such as a username and password, plus any other relevant information requested before getting started right away.


Is the domain secure?


Yes, the domain is secured with advanced encryption protocols and firewall protection in place for maximum security at all times. Additionally, all data collected when monitoring devices through this domain is stored on a secure server to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of users’ personal information.


What steps should I take to ensure sensitive private information stays safe?


To ensure complete safety and security of sensitive private information, customers must follow best practices like updating passwords regularly, enabling two-factor authentication, etc. They should also make sure that they never share their username/password combination with anyone, so unauthorized individuals cannot gain access to their accounts.


Does this service allow me to control who has access to my monitored information?


Absolutely, our app provides granular level control over who and what type of users have visibility into which parts of monitoring sessions, ensuring utmost confidentiality and privacy at all times, no matter where the customer happens to be located geographically.


What security protocols does this site adhere to when storing my data?


All data collected when monitoring a device through Spapp Monitoring spy phone app’s dedicated website (spappmonitoring) is encrypted before storage on secure servers, ensuring that users' personal information remains protected at all times, even if such servers were ever breached by hackers or malicious actors attempting illegal access into their systems. Additionally, advanced firewall protection ensures maximum security while accessing account details remotely from anywhere around the world.


Are there any restrictions in the use or access granted when using only this domain?


When using only for our app, there are no restrictions imposed regarding use or access; customers simply need to have an active subscription to take advantage of all features available on the platform, such as real-time updates about monitored activities, plus extra insight into user habits & preferences related to device usage over time, etc.


How long will data be stored after monitoring through this domain?


Data collected when monitoring a device through will be stored securely for 7 days before being deleted automatically by the system to respect the user’s privacy and comply with applicable regulations worldwide. This means that customers can always go back and view older information if needed within these 7 days timeframe, but not beyond that period.


Is it possible to track multiple devices under the same account?


Yes! Customers may track up to 5 different devices at any one time from the same account on Spapp Monitoring spy phone app’s website ( This allows them to monitor activity across multiple locations or family members easily without having to set up additional profiles for each device separately.


What kind of devices is Spapp Monitoring spy phone app compatible with?


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, as well as computers running Windows or Mac OS. It also supports different versions of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.


Is there customer support available if I need help setting up or managing my account on this site?


Yes! The team behind Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provides excellent customer support via phone or email 24/7, ensuring that customers have quick assistance whenever they may need it regarding setup or general usage of their service on either the web portal (spappmonitoring) or mobile applications (iOS & Android).


What data will be available when monitoring devices through this domain?


When monitoring devices through Spapp Monitoring spy phone app's dedicated website (, users will have access to detailed information such as call logs, text messages, emails sent/received from target devices, websites visited by users of monitored devices, plus much more useful data points related to device usage patterns over time.


Are there any risks associated with using this domain?


As long as best practices are followed when setting up security protocols or configuring user settings, there should be minimal risk associated with utilizing only the domain for our app; however due diligence should still be taken to ensure that unauthorized access does not occur.


What additional security measures does using this domain provide?


Utilizing the domain for our app ensures that all data collected is encrypted before being stored on a secure server with advanced firewall protection in place for maximum security. Additionally, we can also monitor any suspicious activity within the application itself and take immediate action if required as needed.


What specific benefits does using only this domain provide?


By using the domain specifically for our app, we can guarantee a high degree of privacy and confidentiality as it would be hosted on dedicated servers with strong security measures in place at all times. Additionally, by using only one domain name, it also becomes easier to maintain visibility when tracking user activity within the application itself.


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is a spy phone app designed to help users monitor the activity of any device, either remotely or through manual checks. It provides real-time updates on calls, texts, emails, websites visited, and more.