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Your iPhone is really a great device that makes it easy to upload videos to iCloud very easily. For video lovers, syncing videos from the phone to cloud storage is dream come true because this means that they never have to delete anything (literally). The only requirement of course, you need your Apple ID and password to log in.

Uploading videos from iPhone, to iCloud
• Go to settings and tap ‘Wi-Fi;’ button and then move slider to turn on Wi-Fi. You can easily sync photos, videos, books, apps, music from many more multiple ios devices.
• Sign into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.
• Click on ‘settings’ and select the iCloud option. A ‘storage & Backup’ windows will open up.
• Turn on ‘Backup to iCloud’ and click on ‘Back up Now’ to upload videos from iPhone to iCloud.

Adding videos to a shared album
It’s really easy to add videos to a shared album on iCloud. When you do, subscribers to the shared album receive a notification that items have been shared. Shared videos can be up to five minutes long.

Sharing videos on ios 8 and 7
• Go to the photo app.
• Tap ‘shared’ at the bottom of the screen.
• Tap the shared album you want to add. Tap the ‘add’ button.
• Tap the videos you want to add, and then tap Done.
• Enter an optional comment.

Sharing videos on windows PC
• Select iCloud photos on the ‘Favorites’ either in File explorer (windows 8) or windows explorer (windows 7)
• Double click the shared videos you want to add.
• Click ‘Add photos or videos’ in the toolbar.
• Drag videos to the dialog from another window/ click ‘choose photos or videos’
• Click Done.

What to do when you’re missing a video
1. Launch the settings app on your iPhone and iPad.
2. Tap on videos
3. Turn on the option for ‘show All videos’

All the videos on iCloud photo Library will be shown regardless of what device they were taken on.

You can backup your data by using Spy App, so you'll be sure to have al the data from all your family members. iCloud is amazing at giving users exactly what they want when they need it. iCloud photo library runs in a similar manner. Uploading and syncing videos will never be the same again- storage will never be the same again.