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Tips for monitoring your child's social media

We live in age where the social media and the Internet has a lot of impact on our lives. Granted, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have their own advantages in terms of communication but online shearing has its downsides too. According to statistics, every day, 22% of teenagers log on to social media sites more than 10 times a day.

Other social media statistics

24% of teenagers are constantly surfing online.
12% of teens report once a day use of their social media pages. While only 6% go online weekly.

According to research conducted in a local public school shows that nearly ¾ of teenagers have access to smartphone. These very phones are their no main driver to Internet use.
Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the most common social media platforms used by growing teenagers. Other sites such as twitter, Google+, Vine and Tumblr, are not that common.
71% of teenagers are part of more than one social network site.
Just as our kids are prepared for life in the real world, they should also be prepared in the life on the online world. It’s important to raise a technology- savvy child as their acquired skills will come in handy when facing “Internet monsters”.

The best tips and tricks for social media parents

1) Restricted Facebooking
Parents should not allow their non-teenagers to join Facebook. Although children can always lie about their age when signing up, parental measures could be taken into place to limit the use of their account, for example by using parental control.

2) Privacy settings
Your child’s Internet settings should be set to the strictest level.

3) Filtering software
There are available filtering software that may monitor your child’s Internet usage through phone tracking. In computer activity in general, monitoring social media sites and blocking chats are great to ensure that your child remains on the straight and narrow.

4) Centralizing computers within the home
When your computer is located in a high traffic zone, it’s easier to watch what your child is doing therefore this means less privacy concerns.

5) Keeping tabs in posted photos
You can never stop a child from sharing photos online. However, ensure that the content of the photos are not innocuous and that no identifiable locales in the background are noticeable that could also be performed if you are using mobile tracking App.

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They say, charity begins at home. Usually children will emulate the examples of the things we do online. Setting a good example in your social media use is as pivotal as anything else. Many kids don’t mean to understand the permanence of the online world. It is important to stress to them the impact of their digital footprints.