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The Pros and Cons of filtering the Internet

The use of parental control application is a quest for safety that has been used by a number of parents for a while now. The concept behind it is to limit exposure to certain materials that are not really favorable to children and teenagers. While the concept has been able to work for a while now, the million dollar question is” what are the effects of using this mode of parental protection?”

Most parental control software are designed to restrict Internet access and to filter content.

The Pros


This is a major concern for most parents as the Internet exposes their children to sexual web pages and other forbidden materials. Filtering Internet content protects children from all these aspects of interaction.

Keeping up with your child’s activities
Filtering Internet content using parental control application enables a parent to perform phone tracking and be aware of what their children are doing, either in chat rooms or other social networking sites.

Decreases inappropriate contact
As the internet is filled with so many different personalities, parental control apps enables filtering that will ensure that your child will not be put in a risky situation through inappropriate contact.
Although children are information sponges filtering information may not always be advantageous as it seems.

The Cons

Under exposure

Although the Internet has an array of content that is not considered ‘ child friendly’, preventing your child from completely not accessing the Internet can make them under exposed to common things that are going on around the world, latest trends and developments. This is where parental control apps come in handy as they enable you to still allow access for your child while blocking toxic content.

Some applications may not totally block content
It’s hard for a software application to understand the content of a word therefore some internet filtering software may restrict access to the page but still show some pictures thus your child will still be exposed to graphic content.

The need to know
Filtering Internet content can make your child overly curious and they may even go behind your back to try and get access to the restricted information. It is very important to make your child understand why filtering content is necessary.

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The Internet is really not like an adult television which only allows adult broadcasts late at night. It is more like a library where anyone can access and insert content anywhere on the shelves at any time. Undesirable content can be accessed just as easily. Filtering content as cell tracking has its cons and pros; however, only a parent can determine which one will outweigh the other.