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The danger of Snap-chatting

Initially, Snapchat made a name for itself by letting users share photos and videos that self-destruct after a couple of seconds. The power to impose a finite lifespan on photo shares and views is beyond exciting. However, maybe this joy of the application was short lived.

So what does this mean?

Snapchat is risky as it as it can be permanent.
Some Snapchat users may send photos that are generally concerning. Although the application is not meant for children who are under 13, anyone can sign up because the application does not ask for age on sign up. Exposed to an unmonitored world, children may exchange ‘wanting’ photos which may end up on the wrong hands. The Franklin county Internet crimes Against children task force says the FBI is warning that pedophiles are instructing underage victims to download the App so that they can exchange explicit photos, under the false promise that photos will vanish. Even adults can fall victim to people using the App to do more than “chat”.

Unfortunately, pedophiles are using the Snapchat platform to lure young victims. Snapchat creates the illusion that something can disappear; that’s where the danger lies. It may seem trivial but pictures may have serious consequences when they enter a public domain. Over the last few years, several teenage boys have gotten is serious legal trouble due to capturing and distributing illegal photos sent by underage girls. Parents should be aware of that so the use of parental control can eliminate the danger.

The Downsides:

Sending photos can easily make them compromised. There is a real risk in everything that is shared on the application. Every downloaded/uploaded image, every search, every video call, every message…E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Users seem to send embarrassing or risqué pictures without being afraid that someone will steal or redistribute them. Snapchat offers a false notion of safety. When you post something online, you give up control of where it might end up. There have been, numerous sorts of press reports about Snapchat being used for “sexting” purpose-taking naked or sexually suggestive pictures and sending them to someone else. Recently, sending inappropriate pictures has become the primary use-case for the App.

Light at the tunnel…

1. Snapchat is now warning those who try to download the App that images can be saved with a screenshot.
2. Compromising photos of a child can have serious legal consequences, including imprisonment and registration on the sexual offender database.
3. There is a Snapchat Guide for parents to provide concerned guardians with information about the application. Also monitoring and mobile track software can help a lot.

According to Spielberg, one of the applications creators, Snapchat was created for purpose of sharing a special moment with a specific friend. The motivation behind it was to create a service that provided more privacy than Facebook on other social networks.

Users should be well-aware of applications dangerous aspects before venturing. It also never hurts for parents to impact a little wisdom.

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