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The consequences of social-network parental controls

The importance of seeking parental consent before teenagers could log into social media is not only beneficial to the minor but also comforting to their parent’s peace of mind. While using the Internet, children can encounter bullies, harassment from peers or even sexual soliciting from adults, otherwise known as predators. The concerns about privacy, security and misuse of the Internet are insurmountable what's why phone tracking Apps are so popular among parents nowadays.

The fact that many of today’s youth are over-scheduled with school, sports activities and community service leaves them little to no time for face-time with their family and friends. Therefore, the easiest way to keep in touch is practically through the social media. This is also seconded by the fact that today’s parent are less likely to let their kids roam the unknown, they respond by keeping their kids sequestered at home.

When kids are left in solitary confinement with nothing but an Internet connected device, they offer have little choice. They really want human, connection, therefore, they easily get addicted to the social media. Parents should be aware of their children’s characteristics the next time they see them focused on their on their phone. They could be going through more than what they see outwardly. Without real, unstructured time with their friends, kid’s controls develop the healthy interaction that today’s adults long for them to have.

Facts about social-networks that parents should be aware of:

Contrary to what we know the definition of the social network to be, in a nutshell, it could be simply referred as any website, platform, application, software, gateway, game console, or video game that allows a person to create a profile, fellow other, chat, and/or post content such as picture, video, links and comments.

The P’s and Q’s of the social network
It’s important to prepare your child for social networking. As your child will inevitably encounter the social media it’s important to educate them on the impact that the sites may have on your family privacy, their self-image, and your parenting relationship.

Exposure to malicious material
Most social networking sites have passive monitoring this it’s important to be sure that your child is emotionally mature to experience handles exposure to such materials.

The different uses of the social media
Unlike how adults may use social networks, kids generally use them as a place to hang out. Their main focus is chatting and making social plans with existing friends. This way, they can easily get over-exposed to inappropriate content and/or malicious people. Therefore, it’s important for kids for understand privacy implications.

The social media is a wonderfully efficient tool when used properly. The downside is that there is no control over how many people access the Internet. Parents should be aware that the social media is addictive precisely because it gives something which the real world lacks; It gives immediacy, direction and value as an individual. Good parental control helps children figure out their way.

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