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The Best iCloud Features

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iCloud is one of the biggest giant steps Apple has taken from its previous Cloud efforts such as MobileME. All iCloud features work automatically, effortlessly and seamlessly this giving the Cloud storage more pluses than minuses. One of the most requested features over the past several years has been iTunes in the Cloud.

iTunes in the Cloud
iTunes automatically downloads your music purchases to all of your devices over Wi-Fi or 3G instantly. Also, it purchases TV shows, and has them easily downloaded at no extra cost.
To activate iTunes; go to the setting app> iTunes

iCloud back up you’re:
• Purchased music, apps and books
• Photos and video in the camera roll
• Device settings
• App data
• Home screen and app organization
• Text and MMs messages
• Ringtones
Thanks to these iCloud features, even if you buy a brand new device, it can be completely be updated without even connecting it to your Mac or PC.

Find my iPhone, ipad, ipod touch and Mac
When you set up this application on your phone, locating your device when lost or misplaced is very simple. On the app, the ‘remote lock’ allows you to lock a device’s screen to prevent others from accessing your data. On the other hand, ‘remote wipe’ lets you permanently and securely erase your data from a device. The possibilities don’t stop there through; you could track down your ios using family members or see if a friend has made it into town yet.

Calendar, Mail, and Contacts
Your mail, contacts, calendar, notes and safari bookmarks all sync over the iCloud and to your device tirelessly.

Photo System
iCloud makes it easy to take a photo or import one to any of your iDevices. This will keep your most recent photos active in the stream for up to 30 days.

Find My Friends
Apart from the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, ‘Find My Friends’ allows you and your friends to essentially find each other when attempting to meet up. To top it off, the app gives you the privacy you desire as it lets you turn this features off and on easily.

iCloud backs up all your applications so you can easily keep track of them. When you download a new app on your iphone, it will automatically appear on your ipad.

This app lets you download all of your favorite iBooks.

iTunes Match
Transferring your music has never been easier! You can stream and store it on any one of your devices.

With all these features in hand, it’s easy to make the most out of iCloud. When all your user needs are catered for Cloud storage becomes an amazing breeze. Unfortunately sometimes the data can be lost even on iCloud, so make sure you backup it by using a tracking app, such as Spy App