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Syncing your information from different devices basically means that all the contents of your connected will become the same. After a sync operation, regardless of the content disparity between two devices, the content of both devices will be identical.

The Benefits:
• A snappier more reliable user interface.
• Easy scheduling your contacts and preparing your calendar you do it from one device, and it gets added to others.
• Store all your valuable information on iCloud rather than on your mobile device.
• Data would be safe from common threats.
• Creates an updated backup.
• Easy interaction with data.

On your Apple device, to enable cross- platform syncing of data, you will require turning on the some options. However, it’s important to check whether services that are enabled on your Mac are same as the ones on your iPad and iPhone. Even while icloud eliminated the requirement for a computer when using an iPhone, syncing is pivotal. It’s the answer to distributed data without the customary burden of programming at every step of the way.

iCloud basic data sync:
iCloud allows its users to sync their email, calendars and contacts from all of their devices. Users can also sync reminders from their reminder Apps, Safari and iBook bookmarks, and any other notes you’ve made in the notes app.
Mac users will sync Mail, iCal and Address Book with the Mail, calendar and contact apps respectively.

Syncing your documents:
Documents on iCloud allow you to wirelessly work on the same project from multiple devices. This keeps your app information ubiquitous across all of your ios devices and computers, allowing you to create a document on one device, save it and pick up where you left off somewhere else. In order to access your ios documents from your computer, you will need to use a web browser and go to Once you sign in with your iCloud login information, you’ll be able to view all of your documents.

Syncing your photos:
Photo- streaming easily auto- imports any newly added photos on your computer to your photo stream enabled ios devices. Your iCloud enabled computer imports all your photo-stream photos to your chosen designated photo library folder.

Syncing on iCloud:
1. Turn on iCloud back up.
2. Click on Back up Now.
3. When the backup process is complete, turn on your new devices. The set up assistant will prompt you to choose your language and country, whether to enable location services/a Wi-Fine work.
4. Restore backup (you device will restart. You should connect the device to iTunes to sync data)
5. Enter your desired passwords.
6. Transfer and/or encrypt the data.
7. When the process is complete, your device restarts and if ready for use.

With technology and portable devices, there’s always a risk of losing your most valuable information, this is why we recommend to use Spy App in order to backup all your iCloud data. As such, it makes sense to sync your content making all your information easily manageable and safe from any virtual damage-the iCloud way.