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Supported iCloud devices and operating systems

Update 2022: Spy app doesn't support anymore iCloud monitoring. Because of increased iCloud restrictions, we have discontinued our Apple tracking solution (Jailbreak tracking is also discotinued because Jailbreak is not available as it was before). All iCloud tracking apps have these increased retrictions and we do not recommend that you try to find another iCloud monitoring application, since all the apps are connecting to the same source - iCloud. We recommend tracking an Android mobile phone, our application is an Android Spy app. We focus on Live Streaming, Remote File Manager, Voip call recording, tracking phone calls, sms tracking messages and calls from a lot of social media apps, among them are Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Line, TikTok, imo. Some of the main features are : Sms spy, Instagram spying, Whatsapp spy app, Snapchat Spying, Cell Phone Tapping, Telegram spy or Whatsapp hacker app. Download and install for free the Phone Tracker APK on the phone you want to monitor (not your own phone) and register your account using your credential. Our Spy App for mobile phone offers a 3 day trial. Credt card is not required.

Unlike the use of many other iCloud storage devices, when Steve Jobs first introduced iCloud, he made sure to let us know that it was not just a hard disk in the sky; its way more than virtual storage. It’s synchronizing and wirelessly pushing your devices in ways that have never been done before. It’s completely integrated with all your applications so everything happens automatically and perfectly. Whether iCloud is a perfect as it sounds remains something to be seen overtime-but so far, so good.

iCloud consists of nine applications inclusive of: iTunes in the iCloud, photo stream Apps, Books, Documents, Backup, Contacts, Calendar and Mail and you can add a lot of them, like an iOS phone tracker. Initially, iCloud was available in the beta form for Mac OS X and iOS devices but its general release featured iOS 5, the next iteration of its mobile operating system. For iCloud to function sufficiently, it requires iOS 5 or later on iPhone 3Gs or later, iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPad or iPad mini, a Mac computer with Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft outlook 2007 or later and an up-to-date browser is required for accessing email, contacts and calendars.

iCloud and your IOS 8 device
The iCloud Drive lets you synchronize files between your IOS 8 devices, Macs and other computers with similar operating systems on the web. This provides added drop box-like sync to iCloud thus you’ll no longer need to sync your files via iTunes or email them to yourself.

How to enable iCloud drive on your iOS
1. Click on settings iCloud> iCloud drive
2. Select the ON switch for iCloud drive.
Once iCloud has been enabled on one device, all of your existing iCloud devices will be migrated over to use iCloud drive as well. Your documents on iCloud sync will also be available on your iCloud drive.

iCloud and your Mac
Once iCloud Drive has been enabled, you’ll see a new sidebar item in the Finder on your Mac called iCloud Drive. Therefore, all your documents will be instantly synchronized and they will also automatically sync with your iOS and other Mac devices. Your desired changes will be merged back into all of the devices as well.

Syncing your Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad with iCloud on IOS 8
1. Go to settings on your home screen.
2. On the drop down menu that appears, select iCloud.
3. Enter your Apple ID and password.
4. Merge all your data.
However, you can decide not to merge all the content from your iCloud account and iOS device. Still, it’s often recommended to merge as selecting ‘Don’t Merge’ may overwrite the content on your phone.
5. Set your location preference
6. Set up a Email to sync your notes.
7. Back up your data.
This should be done to save your camera roll, text messages and anything that isn’t synced to iCloud.

Still, if you have a teenager and his/her iPhone is not synchronized with all the family, you always can use iCloud phone monitoring iCloud connects you and your Apple devices or could be the perfect iPhone phone tracker in the most incredible ways. Everything you save now lives in your iCloud giving you from freedom to access content from any want- no matter where you are.