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Have you ever wondered for what kind of tasks was the Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker tool developed for? In the next article you can find the pros of our monitoring tool and see that it could really create a win-win situation for parents and kids or for employers and employees.

Parental control

Any parent knows that it is not possible to keep a constant eye on all ongoing activities in such a busy world and the best solution to protect your child will be to use a mobile monitoring solution. Spapp Monitoring - Spy App enables you to keep abreast with everything your child does and protect him against cyber bullying, access to pornography, sexual misconduct among other things that are usually out of parental control.

Employee monitoring

If you’re a businessman then you want to have responsible employees, to know that they are using the smartphones for business purposes and to keep them focused and ready to action. Moreover, monitoring your employees using a mobile software ensures that all the regulations and rules of your company are followed without violation. By using Spapp Monitoring - Spy App for Android you can check their location, monitor the phone calls, check their messages and block certain apps. What’s amazing is that you can do that from remotely, from your own office or from your home! A happy boss and a happy employee are definitely equal with good productivity.

Data backup

Spapp Monitoring is the best data backup tool from the market since Spy App for Mobile Phone is collecting the logs from the monitored device and sends them to our servers via an Internet connection. Are you changing the phones quite often and don`t want to miss any important SMS, phone call record or picture? Then the Spapp Monitoring tools is what you are looking for! All the collected logs are encrypted and stored securely, you being able to check them anytime via a web-panel.

Family finder

Spapp Monitoring software helps you to stay connected with your family and to know exactly where are all the members of your family. A family tracker tool like Spapp Monitoring enables you to track family members’ phones, to check the text messages and also enables you to view location history. Phone Monitoring shows the current locations or can even create a route with turn by turn directions.

Overview of the Spapp Monitoring features:

• Phone calls monitoring
• SMS and MMS tracking
• Location tracker
• Photo and video monitoring
• Surroundings recording
• Social apps monitoring: WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik, tango, Snapchat, Hangouts and Twitter (without needing a ROOTed device)
• Backup of the Contacts
• Internet Browser tracking
• Monitoring and blocking of the installed app
• Remote control of the app

Romeo - -88 days ago

New call recording download option not show

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, Something was changed on the phone? For example Spapp Monitoring no longer has the record audio permission?

ابوساهر - -126 days ago

انا اريد برنامج يخطرق اي وتساب برقم الهاتف فقط

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, We do support tracking a phone number. You will have to send a message with install instruction for the phone to be added to your account.

Parveen Kumar - -171 days ago

Premium plan one month

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our application. We do support one month subscriptions.

Rio - -210 days ago

Quiero comprar un celular

Admin - -203 days ago

Hi, We do not sell phones. We sell only the Android app Spapp Monitoring. Thank you