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Spapp Monitoring for employee monitoring activity

It’s a digital wired world and from e-mail monitoring and website blocking to cyber loafing, more than 1/3 of employees have been fired for misusing their work hours.

According to statistics:

28% of employees have been fired for misusing work e-mail
30% of bosses have fired workers for internet misuse
65% of employees are known to use inappropriate websites.

While concerns over the proper use of work hours can be daunting, monitoring software such as Phone Tracker makes work more efficient. Compliant with all workplace regulatory rules Phone Tracker reduce the privacy concerns in terms of online activity, data security and employee productivity. It is especially effective and quite easy to use.

Phone Tracker comes with an easy 3-steps process:

1) Install the application
2) Register your account
3) Login on the website
4) Monitor and control using your phone

For employees with work phones; internet use, general logs and even text messaging are best controlled by this phone tracker. You can:

a) Block applications and websites that you don’t want your employees to have access to.
b) Monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls- including recordings.
c) Track all sent and received phone messages
d) Block any social media activity during work hours
e) Track for free the location of the cell phone in order to know where your employee is at all times.

Our Spy app is a great software for employee monitoring. With our Phone tracker app you can track all the incoming email(Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook - Gmail Spy or Email spy) or track social media messages from apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Telegram or Facebookor(it has features like Snapchat Spy, Telegram Spy ,Whatsapp Spy app, Instagram spy or Whatsapp hack app). Try now for free our Spy App for Mobile Phone - 3 days free trial (no credit card required).

Other Phone Monitor Features Include:

Log application usage
This guarantees you that your employee is maximizing all the required business applications in case you have any.
Online Control Panel
This allows you to monitor multiple devices through your single account. Phone Monitoring application is a compressive cell phone tracker and monitoring tool that ensures all of the daily tasks and activities are carried out as required. It ensures that there’s no phone misuse which could cost your company millions of dollars. Keep tabs on you costs by reviewing long work calls international calls, text and apps that use heavy bandwidth.
This phone tracker and employee monitoring software will ensure that you get the work done. While hi-tech monitoring may feel like a violation of privacy to most workers, such measures are placed in an effort to improve work safely and productivity.
Spy App has no restrictions. It’s not a question of whether you should monitor. It’s all about how you should monitor. As the boss it’s extremely important to always know what each employee is up to what. It’s the best way to propel forward.