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Snapchat's snapcash

Snapcash is one of Snapchat’s applications that was launched and created in the company’s partnership with Square Space. Due to the success of square cash, Snapchat took advantage of the organization’s successful ‘dollar application’ and created a fast and easy way for ‘snapchatters’ to exchange money within the chat feature. Once Snapchat users have linked their debit cards to the application; they can send money to anyone in their contact list. However, the recipient has to be eligible to receive Snapcash. There has been designed to make exchanging money fast, features fun and incredibly simple.

As square space is highly experienced in transactions, security is paramount. After Snapchat users connect with their debits, the information is securely stored and monitored by square, which will swiftly process the payment and send cash directly to the receipts bank account. It’s as easy as swiping into chat. However, this money-sending features is available only for ‘snapchatters’ that are 18 years and older.

Since the majority of Snapchat users never log out of the application, Snapcash is set to take off as a rocket. This move marks Snapchat’s latest effort to expand beyond disappearing messages. So when it comes to the data backup, some mobile tracking Apps could be a good helping hand.The new Snapcash features are targeted towards creating popularity among the 14-34 years old set. There are the most popular age groups without a bank account. Snapcash is bent on changing that fact.

The cons:

In comparison to PayPal, Snapcash is really logging behind despite all the brand marketing. However, the pace is set to pick up as users have been reported to send hundreds of millions of dollars just a short time offer its launch. Just as Snapchat has been used for dangerous purposes, Snapcash may promote hacking of financial information by tech-savvy individuals. Ill-willed users may also use Snapcash to hire gullible teenagers for malicious purposes by use of money. Here comes the importance of using parental control.

As Snapcash requires the use of a debit card instead of credit, users may be more financially vulnerable if square is ever breached. This is because users may be vulnerable to someone gaining access to all of the bank accounts connected to the card. Once users get the hang of it, Snapchat users can enjoy this amazing feature that was built with a simple vision of bettering the Snapchat experience.

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