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Are you a parent or an employer? If the answer is yes, you will definitely benefit from installing a Snapchat tracker, like Phone Tracker, on your children’s or employees’ phones. This app will help you in the following situations:

Ensure your kids don’t make mistakes.
In many cases, children simply don’t understand the limits that shouldn’t be crossed while having fun. To a teen, sending a nude pic to their boyfriend/girlfriend may seem like nothing, but you know that this isn’t so. Tracking Snapchat will allow you to learn of these events so that you can educate your children about the importance of privacy.

Note: pictures sent via Snapchat can be saved through various means, and possessing them can get your child in trouble as the app’s terms of use state that the user is legally responsible for any activity conducted via his/her account. Therefore, storing a photo of an underage boyfriend/girlfriend in a compromising position will allow the other party’s parents to sue your kid for possession of child pornography.

Stop bullying.
If your children or employees are bullied through Snapchat, Phone Tracker will allow you to get the proof necessary to stop this. Considering the fact that over 50% of teenagers have experienced cyber-bullying, installing Phone Tracker is indeed a great idea, as it will alert you if your child is targeted. This Snapchat tracker monitors other messenger apps as well, so you will know if your kids or employees are victimized through any other program.

18% of social media users in the US alone use Snapchat every day. Therefore, you definitely need to keep an eye on this app, and Phone Tracker is a great solution for this. This app is not a phone hack, so using it is legal. However, you will need to notify your employees before installing it.

A Snapchat tracker can really make a difference for you, especially where teens are concerned. Use this app to protect your family and teach your kids the safe way to communicate online.

Tracking Snapchat is one basic function of Spapp Monitoring. Our Android Spy can record from Snapchat all incoming and outgoing messages and all audio and video calls, without ROOT. But there are many other social media that we track. This Spy App for mobile phone offers many more social media tracking functions, for example: Whatsapp Spy app, Instagram spy, Whatsapp Hacker app, Facebook spy, Snapchat spy or Telegram Spy.

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Hi, You must inform the person you are tracking. Spapp Monitoring is made mainly for parental control. Please check our terms of service.


Spy Phone App can also record Phone calls made with Snapchat

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What is the vat registration and do I need to have a code for it?


The VAT registration is for EU companies. If you have a EU company, you should have also a VAT code.


How often does the application update its features?


We continually update our software, adding new features and bug fixes based on feedback received from customers and new developments related to the spying industry. So make sure to check back regularly to keep yourself informed about upcoming enhancements!


What other social media apps does Spapp Monitoring Android spy support besides Snapchat?


In addition to monitoring activities related to specific platforms like Snapchat, Spapp Monitoring Android spy also supports various other popular social media services, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So regardless of whether your child prefers connecting via one particular app over another, rest assured that all communication across networks will still remain under the watchful eye of parental control technology provided by us!


Is it possible for me to view deleted text messages sent/received via Snapchat using Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


Yes, thanks to its advanced features, Spapp Monitoring Android spy allows users not only to see previously shared content but also to detect whenever something has been removed from conversation histories, providing vital evidence towards understanding why certain behaviors occurred while using a messaging service such as Snapchat!


Is there an option available if I want my child's data monitored only during certain hours?


Yes, through the Geofencing capability, parents are able to set virtual boundaries around areas like homes or schools where devices belonging to their children will remain monitored. Users can also restrict usage times within these zones, specifying exactly which hours should be used while accessing networks connected therein (e.g., 10 am-7 pm).


Do I need physical access to my target device to install Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


If you are installing this application onto an Android smartphone, then yes, physical access is necessary for installation. But if it's an iPhone, then no, because due to Apple's strict privacy policy, iPhones require a different setup procedure that doesn't involve any direct contact between the user and the device. For more detailed instructions, please visit the website page "Installation Guides" here on the website.


How long do I need to purchase a subscription for using Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


Subscriptions for Spapp Monitoring Android spy range from 1 month to 1 year depending on how long users would like their monitoring period to last. However, we recommend at least one full year to get the most out of this application since it takes time for user data and reports generated by the toolkit to become visible and actionable.


Can I control my child's device remotely with Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


Absolutely! Through our Remote Control feature, users have the ability to lock and unlock devices with passwords, as well as restrict usage times with Geofencing capabilities, which sets virtual boundaries around areas like homes or schools. This way you can easily manage your kids' mobile habits even when you're not around!


What type of information can I access with Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


With Spapp Monitoring Android spy, you will be able to view all sent/received messages from Snapchat, monitor group conversations in chats or private messages, check profiles viewed by your child, track stories shared, and receive alerts when certain content or activities are detected.


Are there any hidden costs associated with using Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


No, unlike many similar products out there, we do not charge any extra fees for installation nor ongoing subscription costs after the initial purchase, which makes it great value for money compared to its competitors!


How often should I check reports generated by Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


It is recommended that parents review all data gathered by Spapp Monitoring Android spy regularly in order to detect suspicious activity early before anything serious takes place. However, if you are concerned about your child's safety, then checking these reports daily or even several times per day would be ideal.


Does Spapp Monitoring Android spy support multiple languages?


Yes, it does! We currently offer our services in English, Spanish, French, and German, and we continue expanding our list of available languages so more users from across the world can take advantage of all its features without facing language barriers along the way.


Is there an option to save screenshots taken during active sessions?


Yes, there is! The application allows users to capture screenshots automatically at regular intervals during active sessions of monitored mobile phone activity and then store them directly into a secure account linked with your Spapp Monitoring Android spy profile. This way, you will always have visual evidence regarding your children's online behavior even if they delete it afterward from their own device!


Can I block websites and applications that may be problematic for my child's safety?


Absolutely! With Spapp Monitoring Android spy's parental controls, you can choose which websites and applications need to be blocked so your children won't stumble upon potentially harmful content while browsing online or playing games on their devices.


Does Spapp Monitoring Android spy provide real-time monitoring of user activity on Snapchat?


Yes, it does! By enabling this service, users will be able to keep watch over their children's online activities on the platform in real-time and receive instant alerts when certain content is detected. This way, they can ensure that their kids stay safe while using this messaging service.


Can I remote control my child's device using Spapp Monitoring Android spy?


Yes, you can! Through the Remote Control feature, users are able to lock and unlock devices with passwords, as well as restrict usage times with Geofencing capabilities, which sets virtual boundaries around areas like homes or schools.


What other features does Spapp Monitoring Android spy offer as a Snapchat tracker?


As a Snapchat tracker, Spapp Monitoring Android spy offers users the ability to view sent/received messages along with any images and videos shared, set up notifications for specific content or activities, access conversations in group chats or private discussions, monitor profiles viewed by your child, track stories posted by their contacts, and access detailed reports afterward.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring Android spy if my target device isn't rooted?


Yes, you can still use most basic features even if the targeted device isn't rooted, but some more advanced functions require root access. We advise that users check out our article entitled "Do You Need Root For The Features To Work Properly?" here on the website for further information regarding this topic!


What permissions do I need for Spapp Monitoring Android spy to function properly?


In order for Spapp Monitoring Android spy's advanced functions, such as GPS Location tracking and Geofencing capabilities, you will need permission from Google Play Services, which requires an agreement between Google and its clients regarding responsible usage of location data from Android devices, plus other necessary permissions like Contact Access, among others listed on the website page titled "What Permissions Are Needed For Installation To Work Properly?"


Does Spapp Monitoring Android spy retain my data after uninstalling it?


No! All data recorded through Spapp Monitoring Android spy gets deleted automatically once it has been uninstalled from your device, so there's no need to worry about your personal information being retained after uninstallation.


What features does Spapp Monitoring Android spy have as a spy phone app?


As a spy phone app, Spapp Monitoring Android spy has various features, including the ability to view text messages sent/received from all apps (WhatsApp Messenger, Skype messenger, etc.), access call logs (including incoming/outgoing calls), monitor internet browsing history in real-time with detailed reports provided afterward. It allows remote device management via Geofencing & Location tracking, which sets virtual boundaries around areas like homes or schools, restricts usage times, blocks unwanted websites and applications, remotely locks and unlocks devices with passwor


Is it legal to use a Snapchat tracker?


Generally speaking, it is not illegal for parents and guardians of children under 18 years old to use a parental control app such as Spapp Monitoring Android spy to keep their child safe online. However, it should be noted that using any kind of monitoring software without the consent of those being monitored may be considered unethical depending on country-specific laws and regulations. Therefore, it is important for users to check their local laws before utilizing any type of tracking te


How does a Snapchat tracker work?


A Snapchat tracker typically works by monitoring and recording user activity on the platform, such as messages sent, received, conversations in groups or chats, profiles viewed, stories shared, etc. It also allows users to set up notifications and alerts when certain content or activities are detected.


What is a Snapchat tracker?


A Snapchat tracker is an app or software that allows users to monitor and track activities related to the messaging service, Snapchat.