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Snapchat App privacy

Snapchat is one of the few applications that enable its users to enjoy conversations with just a simple snap. Although its one among the many polarizing social networking Apps on the market due to its privacy concerns, Snapchat still serves its function of connecting different users together. Unlike what users think of the application, it knows a lot about them. Users will be pretty surprised to learn that the App can easily determine their name, exact location, existing friends and exactly when the user messages them.

The application’s new privacy policy clearly states that if users do not evoke various snatchers privileges, the company will collect private user data as it is useful for advertising purposes. Therefore using Snapchat may give the false sense of security of massages being deleted instantly but it’s not really anonymous.That's why modern parents should be concerned about their children and use parental control App in order to protect their children.These Apps can monitor children's use of the traffic and especially their Snapchat messages and pictures.

What Snapchat has on its users:

1) Their name: If a user allows the application to collect information from their phones, Snapchat easily combines the information collected about the user in question.
2) Their contact lists: Snapchat could get the name of a user from anyone else they communicate with through the app however; this can be removed in the App’s settings.
3) Their location: Snapchat tracks its user’s real-life location through the use of beacons. A low –range Bluetooth signal is sent as users walk by.
4) Their browsing history: Snapchat has the permission to track their user’s cookies. This makes the App conversant with everything that they do online.

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In general all the information is stored in the Cloud because of the phone tracking. Even if users delete their account, certain information may be retained as backup for a limited time period. Making the most of social media through various application trackers offers in – depth analysis for how effective the app is Snapchat is one of the few that recommends thinking twice before tapping on that camera.