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Snapchat 101

Snapchat is one of the few applications that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self –destructs after a few seconds. The user decides whether the photo will ‘stay live.’ They can choose a total time of between one to ten seconds. After that the picture in question becomes history. And then that picture can be easily tracked with the help of mobile tracking software. Created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggio Brown, the idea behind this social media application was to create a platform where users can take pictures, record videos add text and create drawings for a positive platform.

Snapchat is not an application based on capturing the traditional KODAK moment; it is about communicating the full-range of human emotions. It was initially presented as a solution to stresses caused by the longevity of personal information on social media.


Screen capture
Snapchat users can take a picture of a screen with another camera. This can be done in attempts to save pictures and messages. However, Snapchat tries to notify the person taking the picture in order to determine if the screen has been captured.
‘My Friends’ List
Snapchat requires contacts on the friend list in order for any kind of interaction to occur.

This is a system that notifies the sender and the recipient of exchanged screenshots between them.

This is the easiest way to add friends on Snapchat. Simply point on the Snapchat camera at a snap code and tap your screen to add.

Snapchat Discover
It’s a lot of fun to experience different perspectives through snaps and stories. Snapchat Discover explores a story telling media format that builds high interaction, it is a new but familiar Snapchat feature that maybe sometimes can be dangerous for kids so their parents should be aware by using parental controls.

Snapchat has series of Emojis that appear on incoming snap from people that the user connects with. There are a variety of Emojis such as Gold heart, Grimace, Fire, smile and smirk among others.
Snapchat has been created with easy to navigate features. Getting started only requires a download, installation and a valid Snapchat account with a functional email address.

Video chatting requires both users to have a Snapchat account. This makes it possible to easily view the conversation page. It is also fun to swipe up and down on the screen or to toggle between the front facing cameras for a better video chat experience. In order to video chat, the small yellow button as the button of the conversation page turns blue.


On the camera page, users can easily tap the shutter button once or hold it down to shoot videos.
The Good: The application is one of the quickest ways to send photos and videos. Their self –destruct features ensure photos cannot be reshared. Photos can also be imported from the gallery App (on IOS devices).

The Bad: There are many new features that make it confusing to use the App, sometimes even unsafe. That's why children under 18 should be carefully monitored by their parents regarding to that App. Bottom line: Snapchat is one of few applications with a unique timer features. It offers a fun and sneaky experience when it comes to sharing photos.

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Is there an age limit for using Snapchat?


Generally, there is no age limit, but the terms of service specify a minimum age of thirteen years old. This requirement is primarily enforced in the US due to local laws governing online participation by minors.


Can I disable notifications when certain people send me private snaps?


Yes, within Snapchat's settings, you can toggle notifications off for specific contacts as needed, or for the entire network's activity if desired, enhancing the smooth flow of conversations.


Does Snapchat offer public accounts that I can follow?


Yes, in addition to private profiles, Snapchat allows individuals to create publicly available accounts that anyone can view, even without prior contact. However, following community guidelines is essential.


Can I view old snaps sent to me without reopening them?


Yes, provided your device is set up with Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker, you should be able to access old messages sent by other recipients without actively reopening them. Simply navigate the dashboard feature available on the main program's homepage.


Can I delete messages permanently?


Yes, after opening an individual message, you can initiate the permanent deletion process by tapping the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner and then clicking the trashcan icon. However, using Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker services may still allow tracking of deleted items over extended periods due to automatic backups.


Can I customize my Snapchat settings?


Yes, users can easily adjust a variety of parameters within the Snapchat app, from notification volume levels to privacy controls, through the appropriate settings menu. Parents can also consider setting up control measures within Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker's options for added peace of mind.


Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker is a surveillance app used to monitor activities on someone's mobile device, including their use of Snapchat. It records both incoming and outgoing messages from the monitored device, providing insights into the content being shared. Additionally, it offers features like location tracking and call recording.


How does Snapchat work?


Snapchat operates by enabling users to send photos and videos that self-destruct after a set period. The app also supports instant messaging, group conversations, and multimedia content sharing, suitable for both personal and business use.


Can I see how many people have viewed my story?


Yes, when viewing your own Story section within Snapchat's main menu, it will display the total number of viewers under each post listing, along with the names of those who interacted most often. This allows you to track engagement ratings without manual searching.


Can I save snaps without viewing them first?


Yes, you can save certain stories or snaps without opening them by using a feature located in the top left corner when browsing the archive menu in the main app dashboard. Parents can also utilize Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker for more comprehensive control over what's saved and viewed.


What happens when I block someone on Snapchat?


When you block someone on Snapchat, they will no longer appear in your friends list, and you won't receive notifications about their posts. Any incoming messages from the blocked user will automatically disappear after being read, and the sender can't access your story archives. Parents can use Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker to track who's blocking whom through detailed logs stored remotely.


How do I permanently delete my account?


To permanently delete your Snapchat account, open the mobile app's settings page and select the "Delete My Account" option at the bottom right corner. You'll need to enter valid username/password credentials associated with your profile and confirm permanent deletion via email.


Is there a way to find out who removed me from their contacts list?


Unfortunately, due to Snapchat's privacy policies, it's impossible to determine who removed your contact information from their device. However, tools like Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker provide detailed logs with data about messages sent and received, which parents can use to double-check communications without invading anyone's privacy.


How do I know if someone has added me as a friend on Snapchat?


When someone adds you as a friend on Snapchat, the app will send you a notification, alerting you to the new connection. The message will also include the name of the person who added you for easy identification.


Will using Snapchat quickly deplete my battery life?


Not necessarily. Snapchat should not significantly drain your battery reserves as long as you implement power-saving measures like lowering screen brightness. However, if you're experiencing poor battery life, it's a good idea to check if Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker is running background processes, as even minimal idle usage can contribute to battery drainage over time.


Are there ways to monitor my child's Snapchat activity while respecting their privacy?


Yes, parents who want to monitor their children's smartphone/tablet activities while respecting their privacy can consider using a tool called "Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker." Designed specifically for monitoring kids' activities remotely and discreetly, this spyware solution provides parents with real-time data logs, including censored screenshots from their monitored devices, allowing them to stay informed without invading anyone's privacy.


Can I restrict the amount of time I spend using my smartphone each day using Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker?


Absolutely, by configuring predefined limits and restrictions within your personal dashboard settings, found in Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker's main menu options, you can easily control the time spent on the phone/device. This includes blocking and unfreezing specific apps at various times, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity without sacrificing enjoyment.


Can I recover deleted messages on my own phone through Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker?


Certainly, as long as your device has Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker installed, you can access deleted messages stored on your mobile device through its dashboard feature. However, you'll need valid account credentials for this option to work correctly. Ensure that these credentials are entered accurately before attempting to access any past data logs stored remotely by the monitoring program.


Are there any potential risks associated with using Snapchat?


Indeed, like any social media platform, there are potential risks linked to Snapchat if one fails to take precautions when communicating online or sharing sensitive information with strangers. Unwanted contact from unknown sources could lead to cyberbullying, while not respecting copyright laws may result in legal issues.


What are some recommendations for using Snapchat securely?


To ensure safe usage of Snapchat, it's crucial to follow specific safety guidelines. These include refraining from adding unknown individuals as friends, only posting images you're comfortable with being publicly available (even after deletion), avoiding inappropriate online conversations, refraining from sharing content you wouldn't want your family or employer to see, and setting up parental control settings in Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker when necessary.


How does Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker operate to monitor Snapchat usage?


Spapp Monitoring | phone tracker is a surveillance application that tracks the activities on someone's mobile device, including their Snapchat usage. The app records both incoming and outgoing messages from the monitored device, allowing parents or employers to gain insight into the content the user is sharing on Snapchat. Additionally, it provides location tracking and call recording.


What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is a messaging application for images and videos, enabling users to send self-destructing messages or photos to other users. It also offers instant messaging, stories, and features for sharing multimedia content.