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A Skype tracker is an application that allows you to monitor all the messages and calls received/sent through Skype on a smartphone. With about 74 million active users, Skype is one of the most popular apps used for making international audio and video calls and messages via internet. On average, these people spend about 100 minutes a month on communicating through this app. This makes it a fertile ground for frauds and other criminals, so tracking Skype conversations often becomes a necessity.

This is particularly important if you have children who use their smartphones often. 65% of kids between 8 and 14 years of age suffered from at least one case of cyber bullying. Less than 10% of the victims tell their parents about it, so a Skype tracker becomes a necessity if you are worried about your child.

Spy App is an app that will track Skype calls, and upload the data to our secure server. You can access it through your account and make sure your children aren’t being bullied or forced to do something bad. You can also use this Skype tracking app to monitor your employees, as quite a few of them spend hours on personal messaging when they should be working.

How to Use Phone Tracker

Using this Skype tracker is extremely easy. You just need to download it and install the app on any iOS or Android device. If you plan to use it on your employees’ phones, you must warn them in advance. This tracker is not a phone hack, but the privacy laws demand you inform any adult before starting any kind of ‘surveillance’.

Once the app is installed, you should set up an account. The Phone monitoring team offers detailed step-by-step instructions, so everyone will be able to start using the app without problems.

Be sure to look into the additional features of this Skype tracking app to use it most efficiently. Installing it today will help you keep your children safe and motivate your employees.

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Skype call recording works ok. Thank you for that Spy Phone App


Can I set up notifications for specific keywords or phrases that come up during a conversation?


Absolutely – Through advanced filtering capabilities offered by Spapp Monitoring phone tracker, users are able to create multiple rules triggered by specific words used within a conversation. Once those terms are detected, the system will automatically send out proper notifications to the respective registered accounts!


Do I need physical access again if settings need adjusting after installation?


Not necessarily – Since Spapp Monitoring phone tracker comes with powerful cloud sync technology, users do not require physical access to adjust settings once it has been successfully installed onto the target device. This makes the process much simpler than it would otherwise have been!


Is there a limit on the size of the file that can be shared over Skype while being monitored by Spapp Monitoring phone tracker?


No - According to its working framework, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker does not impose any restrictions regarding the size of files when sharing them between two people, even when actively monitored. Thus, users have free reign to express themselves freely and without limitation!


Can I keep track of the mobile location of someone monitored by Spapp Monitoring phone tracker?


Yes - Users have the privilege to gain access to real-time location information regardless of whether they are using an Android or iOS device. This enables them to monitor their activities without ever having to worry about the time of day!


How does Spapp Monitoring phone tracker ensure the safety of my privacy?


To ensure the utmost safety and privacy of a user's private information while operating on the Skype platform, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker adopts a highly robust encryption system that could not be cracked even under pressure. Additionally, this solution features a remote uninstalling option in case the need arises!


Is there any way to block certain contacts while using Skype?


Yes – With just a few clicks, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker allows users to restrict certain individuals from unauthorized access to conversations taking place through Skype, thereby protecting themselves from malicious intentions of outside parties.


Does the person being tracked have to know about it?


Generally speaking, this type of activity requires explicit consent from the person being tracked in order for it to be considered legal. Without knowledge or permission from the individual being monitored by you or another party via software such as Spapp Monitoring phone tracker, then it may be viewed as an illegal activity in many jurisdictions. Therefore it is important to check local laws before beginning any kind of tracking activity.


Is there a limit on the amount of time one can track someone through Skype using Spapp Monitoring phone tracker?


No – As far as the time factor is concerned, there are no limitations whatsoever imposed concerning the total duration of the sessions being monitored. Therefore, users can enjoy an unlimited number of hours of Skype interactions while being monitored!


Can I download recorded conversations from Skype via Spapp Monitoring phone tracker?


Absolutely – With just a few clicks, users are able to export all recorded conversations right onto their respective devices through the browser's download feature supported by Spapp Monitoring phone tracker itself. This allows them to keep a backup of important files for themselves!


Does Spapp Monitoring phone tracker work with all versions of Skype?


Yes - Every version of Skype (including the latest one) is fully supported by Spapp Monitoring phone tracker, such that users have access to a wide range of functionalities regardless of their current setup. Furthermore, this solution is compatible with almost all platforms, making sure its features are available to most users!


Is there an option to receive notifications when certain keywords are used in conversation?


Yes - With powerful filtering features at its disposal, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker allows users to set up multiple rules triggered by specific words or phrases that come up during an ongoing conversation. Once those terms are detected, the system immediately sends out notifications to the user's registered account respectively!


When it comes down to security, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker uses extremely reliable and advanced encryption technology that ensures a 100% guarantee that every single piece of information remains completely protected against unauthorized access. In fact, this solution even enables a remote uninstalling feature in case the need arises!


While some of the features are available for free, many of the more advanced features require a premium subscription. This includes access to Skype tracking, text message monitoring, call log logging, and more.


Do I need physical access to the target device in order to start using Spapp Monitoring phone tracker?


Yes – You will need physical access, firstly, once installed successfully onto the target device so that corresponding settings (such as notifications) could be set up appropriately according to your needs and preferences, respectively!


Does Spapp Monitoring phone tracker require rooting/jailbreaking my device?


No – Spapp Monitoring phone tracker does not require either rooting or jailbreaking your device in order for its features related to Skype tracking to work properly; thus allowing users with non-rooted/non-jailbroken devices to enjoy most out of their experience without having to run through any hassle at all!


What features does Spapp Monitoring phone tracker offer for Skype tracking?


Through its advanced Skype tracking technology, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker offers users comprehensive access to all data related to an individual's activities on the app, including chats transcripts, video calls information, as well as voice call recordings in real-time without any limitations whatsoever! Additionally, this solution also enables full transparency into contacts list along with details regarding date & time stamping each interaction, making sure you know exactly what happened when & who was involved!


Is it legal to track someone's Skype activity?


The legality of tracking someone’s Skype activity depends on where you live and in what context you’re using it for. Generally speaking though, it may be considered illegal if the person being tracked hasn’t given explicit consent from their knowledge about being tracked by you or another party via software like Spapp Monitoring phone tracker. It is important to check local laws before beginning any kind of tracking activity.


How can I track people on Skype?


There are a number of ways to track people on Skype. One option is to use a third-party application such as Spapp Monitoring phone tracker, which allows users to monitor all activity on any phone connected with their account. This includes viewing contact lists, call logs, text messages, and more.


What is Skype tracking?


Skype tracking is the process of monitoring and recording conversations, messages, calls, and other communications that take place over the instant messaging platform. This type of tracking can be used for a variety of purposes such as keeping an eye on employees or family members.