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Skype tracker

A Skype tracker is an application that allows you to monitor all the messages and calls received/sent through Skype on a smartphone. With about 74 million active users, Skype is one of the most popular apps used for making international audio and video calls and messages via internet. On average, these people spend about 100 minutes a month on communicating through this app. This makes it a fertile ground for frauds and other criminals, so tracking Skype conversations often becomes a necessity.

This is particularly important if you have children who use their smartphones often. 65% of kids between 8 and 14 years of age suffered from at least one case of cyber bullying. Less than 10% of the victims tell their parents about it, so a Skype tracker becomes a necessity if you are worried about your child.

Spy App is an app that will track Skype calls, and upload the data to our secure server. You can access it through your account and make sure your children aren’t being bullied or forced to do something bad. You can also use this Skype tracking app to monitor your employees, as quite a few of them spend hours on personal messaging when they should be working.

How to Use Phone Tracker

Using this Skype tracker is extremely easy. You just need to download it and install the app on any iOS or Android device. If you plan to use it on your employees’ phones, you must warn them in advance. This tracker is not a phone hack, but the privacy laws demand you inform any adult before starting any kind of ‘surveillance’.

Once the app is installed, you should set up an account. The Phone monitoring team offers detailed step-by-step instructions, so everyone will be able to start using the app without problems.

Be sure to look into the additional features of this Skype tracking app to use it most efficiently. Installing it today will help you keep your children safe and motivate your employees.

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Oliver - -200 days ago

Skype call recording works ok. Thank you for that Spy Phone App