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Signing up the iCloud magic

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The iCloud drive has joined the elite list of other Apple inventions inclusive of the Mac OS *10.10 Yosemite and OS 8. iCloud’s stand out feature includes content storage in the cloud and amazing synchronization. When it comes to iCloud, there’s nothing new to learn, it all just works.

Setting up your iCloud drive:
Getting sorted on the iCloud drive is nothing that hasn’t done before. It’s as simple as setting up the icloud on the iphone, ipad, iPod touch or Mac.

Setting up Requirements:
1) iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch windows 8 or any other modern software.
2) If the user sets up with Mac, it should have OS * Yosemite.
3) PC with windows 7 or later and iCloud for windows
4) Safari 6, Google Chrome out or later 28, Firefox 22 or later
5) A stable internet connection

The Process:

For OSX Yosemite

Click on Apple menu (system preference). Select icloud
Sign in with your Apple ID
Select icloud drives, then select continue.

For ios 8 or other current operating systems
Tap settings icloud
Sign in with your Apple ID
Tap on icloud Drive
Tap upgrade to icloud Drive

Sign into icloud. Com
Select pages, numbers or keynotes.
Click on ‘upgrade to icloud Drive’.

Upgrading means that the information is automatically moved in iCloud Drive from their previous iCloud storage.

Users with an Apple ID account can automatically store apps downloaded from iTunes and the Mac store.
Icloud Drive can store all your data, sync in between devices and can be downloaded to a new ios device.
iCloud immediately begins to interact with your system storage upon installation.
iCloud favor the storage of files that are less than 15GB in size. Content on your icloud drive can be managed on any of your devices under ‘manage storage.’

The icloud storage system is also viable and accessible to third party developers. It’s a safe and fun way to synchronize all your important data, even those that are on other accounts. Applications such as the Phone Monitoring can easily be used one iCloud Drive is installed. This is a phone tracker for photos, SMS messages, call history, web pages and other applications that are in use. This is a good way for employers and for parents to track their kids or workers. The icloud drive is definitely a smart step, especially for basic information on mobile phone monitoring.