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Restoring your backup

Update 2022: Phone Tracker does not support anymore iCloud monitoring. This method of tracking is harder to implement efficiently because of new restrictions. The end result may be an unhappy client (with no new updates from the phone) and we have discontinued iCloud monitoring. We recommend an Android phone - our app is an Android spy app. For Android we are able to always improve the tracking functions of our phone monitoring. We focus on tracking sms and a lot of social media apps messages, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Line, Instagram, Facebook, just to name a few of them. It has features like Snapchat Spy, Whatsapp Spy app, Whatsapp hack app, Telegram Spy, Sms spy or Instagram spy. Please follow the latest releases of our Spy app


The benefits of backing up using iCloud are clear. Syncing your app - specific data has never been better and being away from your Mac and computer has never been this easy. Regardless of who you want to share digital photos with, iCloud allows you to back up and share up to 1,000 of your most recently short digital photos. For most tech saving individuals, features such as the iCloud keychain are really exciting. Backing up your iOS device can help to store all the information in case of loss or damage and also it can be a really good solution for a phone tracker.

However what happens when you need to restore your iCloud back up? Users should realize that restoration may take a while depending on the size of the back up or the speed. It could take from one to four hours.

It’s important to make sure:

a) That your device is connected to a reliable source of Wi-Fi
b) Your device is connected to a power outlet to avoid disconnections
c) That you constantly check the Apple progress bar that appears while transferring a backup.

Restoring your device:
1. Turn on your device (check for the hello screen).
2. Go to the set up Assistant and follow all the required steps until you see the set up Device screen. Join a Wi-Fi network to connect to network.
3. Tap Restore from an iCloud Backup.
4. Sign into iCloud.
5. Choose your design desired backup by checking the date and the size of each and pick the most relevant. The transfer then starts.
6. If you previously purchased iTunes content using multiple App ID’s, sign in passwords will be required.
7. Stays connected and give the process time to finish. Note that backing up may take a while.

When restoration is incomplete…
This could mean that certain apps or content could not be restored from iTunes or the App store, especially if they have not been automatically synced with your computer.

When some items could not be restored…
This frequently happens when your Wi-Fi is disconnected.
Check to see if your restoration is still in progress. If the transfer is still in progress, wait for it to finish.
If your photos and videos are still not downloading, try to restore from the back up again and stay connected to the Wi-Fi and power source until the process is complete.

When you’re asked to enter multiple ID’s
This means that your backup contains purchases from Multiple Apple ID’s or your backup has movies and music that were transferred from another user account to your device.

Finding missing information in iCloud
Make sure that you correctly restored your ios device from iCloud. Ensure that your information is among the types of information backed up to iCloud. Enter your password as needed for the applications. Backing up your files is the ultimate way to ensure that they are safe and secure. Also, this can be an easy and safe way for phone monitoring in case of parental control. On iCloud, you can easily restore backed up versions of files that are lost, damaged or accidentally changed. You can also back up individual and group files. Phone Monitoring for iCloud monitoring is the ultimate cell tracker knowing just the email address and password of the iCloud account of your children.