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Protecting your child all the way to the car

As cars get smarter, more and more ways to protect your child will become available. For example some parents use phone track software , cell monitoring Applications.
Granted, seat belts made us feel at ease because most parents knew that their children are safe once they buckled up. Imagine a better way… one that will enable you to rein in your child by preventing them from texting while driving or even being part of motor vehicle accidents due to recklessness. If this is possible then car parental controls are worth exploring.

Some parents may think that preventing their children from totally driving is the best way to keep them safe. However, teenagers will always be teenager.

Statistics show that 84% of parents are excited about the possibility of parental control and 61% of them wanted to limit the geographical areas that a car could travel. Seat belts and speed limits no longer do the trick.

Some cars already have an in-built parental application feature that comes in form of ‘teen driver’ application. The parental spy app basically enables parents to keep tabs on their children in terms of how fast they are driving and also notifies them when their teenage driver is near any misses. Also, the system mutes or turns down the radio and sets off the alarm if a pre-set speed limit is exceeded. Perhaps the best feature of the parental control is that it automatically turns on the car’s safety features. This way, any parent can be certain that their child is always safe and sound.

As teenagers are usually considered rebellious, the idea of a parental control in the car may make most of them uncomfortable. The best of them may even opt for the bus. That is why it is first important for the parent to make their child understand how the mixture of inexperience and the desire to impress in a car can be catastrophic. The ‘teen driver’ application is quite the easy one to operate; it’s simply activated by creating a special pin in the settings menu of the car’s ‘mylink’ system which allows parents to register their teenager’s key nob. Therefore, anytime the driver gets behind the wheel, the system is turned on automatically. Think of it as pre-rated driving.

Other car parental control applications come in the form of the ‘My key’ app which is a seat-belt warning system that ensures both the passenger in the front seat and the driver have their seat belts on. The spy app pings the driver by automatically taking actions such as muting the radio if the passengers are not buckled up. To set it up, parents put their administrator’s key in the ignition together with the teenager’s key (My key) in the car. When the set up button is touched, the application is updated wireless.

If restrictive technology will reduce accidents on the roads then the car parental control applications are worthwhile. This means that the milestone of taking a road trip with friends could be very different in the future.

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