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Picture tracker

A picture tracker is an app installed on a smartphone that allows you to see all the pictures saved on the device. Copies of the photos as well as info on when and where they were taken are stored on a secure account that you can access from any device. Apps like Spy App for mobile phone provide you with even greater help when monitoring smartphones as they also track message and call logs as well as the gadget’s location.

Reasons to Use a Picture Tracker

A picture tracking app will help you in the following cases:

1. If you have kids and want to keep an eye on them.
Over 50% of teenagers today think it’s OK to post suggestive pictures of themselves online. Phone monitoring will allow you to ensure that your children don’t take any inappropriate selfies or other pictures with inappropriate content. Tracking pictures taken by the smartphone’s camera will help you protect your kids from sexual predators and cyberbullying, as well as educate them properly if you notice that photos like this are taken. Remember, in many cases kids just don’t know better and it’s your duty to teach them how to use their smartphones wisely.

2. If you suspect bullying or other problems in your office.
An average iPhone user takes over 180 photos a month, so it’s easy to conclude that people photograph the strangest things. Tracking pictures taken by your employees may help you reduce the cases of harassment in the office as well as making sure they don’t spread any sensitive info about your company. Note that you need to inform the employees before installing Spy app on their gadgets, even though this app is not a phone hack.

A pictures tracking app will help you in many cases, especially where your kids are concerned. Installing Phone Tracker today will allow you to ensure that your children aren’t bullied and don’t spread any inappropriate pictures of themselves online.

Phone monitor offers picture tracking as a basic tracking feature. Our Phone tracker offers also some advanced features related to camera/streaming. Please check some other support articles available on our Android Spy website: Live Streaming Spy, Spy camera spy or File manager spy.

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