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Phone addiction. Where it all begins?

Parents who constantly use their mobile phones in front of their children are guilty of being enablers of phone addiction. According to well-known psychologists, most kids easily pick up on their parent’s behavior. Sadly some of these children suffer a lifelong dependency on screens. Phone and Internet addiction has striking similarities to alcoholism.

When children spend endless time on their phones, calling, and texting and emailing; using social media applications, playing games or surfing through the web they may be suffering from phone addiction.

They also:
Get agitated when their phone is not in sight
Get nervous when their phone’s battery is almost exhausted
Spend more time than they should on their phone
Technology should be a tool, not a burden.

What attracts to phone addiction:

The social media
With the birth of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat among many other platforms, it’s hard for teens to stay off their phones. The need for interactivity often defeats purpose.

Exposure to adult content
42% of children aged between 10- 17 years are often glued to their phones watching pornography. Beyond pornography, teens are exposed to plenty of places around the web that encourage gambling and other inappropriate activities.

‘The need to know’
Surfing the web ensures that kids and teens keep up with current occurrences. If this is your child, he or she would be kept from doing homework, enjoying physical activities, or socializing with friends due to an online addiction.

Install parental control- you can’t always be there.
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The biggest reason for the use of parental control software is because parents cannot always be there. This is an easy option to monitor Internet use by not necessarily hovering over your kids. It is a mobile tracking software which works remotely.

Parental control helps to address the phone use and addiction seriously. It also gives an opportunity to talk to your child and get rid of the skeptics when it comes to monitoring software.

Become computer savvy
It’s important to learn about monitoring software, and installing filters. Every parent should learn both technical and popular terms used to surf and be comfortable with the computer; at least enough to know what you child is doing online.

Forcing your child to quit cold turkey is not the way to get rid of the problem. This approach invites trouble. The best way to go is working together with your child in order to let them be ‘free’ while guiding them on the importance of the proper use of technology.