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Phone addiction vs. Parental control

There are different reasons for phone and Internet addiction. With billions of websites out there, it is easy for any growing kid on teen to surf the web for hours without realizing how time has passed them by. Parental control programs are well-known to keep your child’s Internet use at a more healthy level. Uncontrolled use of technology gadgets means that your child could be keep from doing homework, enjoying physical activities, or socializing with friends due to online addiction.

The Pros:

Like addiction to any other drugs or alcohol, the Internet offers children and adolescents a way to escape reality. They may sacrifice much needed hours of sleep to spend time online and withdraw from family and friends to escape into an unknown online world.
The advantage of using parental control in relation to phone and Internet addiction includes:
Lack of restricted access to websites with inappropriate content.
Filtering of texts and web pages. Filtering means that your child will stick to the basics and not spend too much time online.
Blocking of time- consuming topics that would make your child’s attention drift away. Topics based on keywords such as ‘sex’ are highly guarded.
Inaccessibility to explicit photos, drugs and drug culture content means that your child will not be exposed to in appropriateness.

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The cons:

Monitoring your child’s phone activity might be met with some rebellion especially for children. This definitely causes a strenuous child-parent relationship. In most severe cases, the child might find ways to uninstall the application thus it may be effective only a short time. Other children might take mobile tracking as a lack of freedom to choose what they really want.

The Bottom Line:

Even if they do not realize it, many teens actually feel safer online knowing that they will not be bombarded by disturbing images and other unpleasant content when they are online.

Opponents to parental control and mobile trackers consider restricting access as an issue of an inability to trust your own children. However, the bottom line is that if filtering is the best way to curb addiction, we should take it. It’s an excellent option that you like them.