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Phone addiction statistics vs. the Spapp Monitoring solutions

There is substantial evidence beyond anecdotes that states that most children are addicted to their smartphones. According to research, 13% (one in every eight children) suffer from phone addiction. For children, staying on their smartphone means being on the social media or Skype and playing games such as candy crash. In most cases, mobile games cost money (e.g. candy crush usually charges $20 per user).

Phone Tracker solution: The mobile tracker enables parents to keep a close eye and even select the kind of games that their child can play by performing mobile tracking.

An average child usually spends about 3-6 hours a day on their device. While this number might be higher for those children who are addicted to their phones, either way, it causes a high level of narcissism.

Phone Tracker solution: The cell tracker allows parents to determine how much time they can actually spend on their device whether it is texting, playing games or even browsing the Internet.

Some children who suffer seventy of phone addiction offer display signs of elevated heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. They easily become agitated when they are separated from their smartphone or iPad.

Phone monitor solution: Limiting how much time your child can spend on their device makes them easily focus on other activities; therefore, they will not suffer any withdrawal symptoms.

Other Phone Addiction Statistics:
84% of, phone addicts cannot go a single day without their phone
50% of children that are addicted to their phones cannot sleep without it
20% of children check their phones every 10 minutes
The skyrocketing number of phone addiction cases amongst children and teenagers raise a cause for alarm for any parent.

What Phone Monitor App does for you:

Keeps you updated
The spy app lets you know what your child is up to and who they are communicating with.

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Makes you feel secure
The GPS tracking system lets you know where your child is at all times. This way, a parent always feels like their child is safe.

Guides you
Even for parents who are novice technology users, Phone Monitoring helps you navigate the Internet in relation to what their child is doing.

The benefits of employing the use of this parental control application certainly outweigh the use of any other tracking device.

However, for an easy monitoring transition process, it’s important to let your child know that they are being monitored so that could not feel violated.