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Phone addiction - establishing barriers

In our current world, technology has taken over and it’s scary to think that it won’t stop. A smartphone is the only way we know how to store our contacts lists, messages, schedule organizer, email senders and social media connections. Just like some adults, our children are also addicted to digital devices.

When children use smartphones for interaction through the social media, their social skills may be wanting as they are used to so much interaction behind the phone. This will not have their required skills to survive in a ‘live’ environment. Long gone are the old days when the most sophisticated piece of technology was a black and white television. Children are very protective of their calls, games, photos, texts and music. Thus they may rebel when it comes to limiting social media images.

When a child is constantly using their phone even when they are not required to, they may be facing addiction. It’s important to control this without fighting with your child. Funny or not, but the technology is the solution in phone addiction. A cell tracker is great in coordinating your child’s addiction. At the dinner table, it’s becoming normal for children to constantly check for their social media updates. According to research, phone addiction interferes with a child’s sleeping and eating pattern.

These Are The Factors To Look Out For:

1) Disinterest in other activities
If a child prefers to stay on their phone rather than indulge in fun activities such as going to the outdoors, they may be showing signs of addiction.
2) Constantly talking about their next technology fix
When children want to constantly get back to their devices, there may be phone addiction issues.
3) Mischief and deviousness
This includes connecting the extent in which they use their devices and hiding them without anyone’s knowledge.
4) Exhibiting signs of withdrawal
When a child in tense or upset when they can’t get online and you notice that the teaching noticeable goes away when they are given their devices, then they are addicts.

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There are a number of ways that phone addiction among children may be assessed. One of them is the phone tracker application Spy App. Using it, you’ll have more options for a parental control application. It’s important to determine whether a child’s technology is abnormal or problematic. When realized early, phone addiction can be stopped dead in its tracks. Don’t let your child get lost in the uncertainty of technology.