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Parental control vs. The social media

The social media offers a large platform where teenagers could be bullied, harassed or even sexually solicited by persons with ulterior motives. It seems reasonable for parents to have legitimate concerns over this and for them to want to approve before their kids could be allowed access into this uncertain world. The children who are usually most venerable on social media are those who come from homes where parents are least able or willing to provide support.

As peers are the most important referrer’s of growing teenagers, the need to connect with friends through various social media advents is inevitable. However, there are parents who for various reasons may deliberately try to suppress their teen’s exploration and expression by overuse of parental controls. Apart from ending up with a rebellious teenager, these parents are denying their children the ability to explore the world.

Getting phone track applications for your child may prevent contact from strangers, cyber bullying dangers, exposure to inappropriate language/ content and may also prevent your child’s reputation risk on a platform that freely allows them to do anything. Parents basically go for social media mobile tracking apps that will put all their child’s social web activities in one page so that they can easily keep tabs on them.

According to statistics, 89% of parents are said to be concerned about how much the social media affects their child’s overall behavior while 69% of parents worry about their children online activity on their academic and job prospects. 59% of parents have had conversations with their children regarding what they post online. On the other hand, 39% of parents have helped their child set up privacy settings for social networking sites.

Parental control vs. the social media is really a question of parenting. Some parents believe the use of this kind of filter will limit their child’s use of the Internet. Therefore, these ‘free-will’ parents just choose to trust their children but they still make them understand the consequences of using their online freedom unwisely.

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Apart from the use of parental controls to curb social media activity, other applications such as cell trackers can be used as they record every word your child types. Key trackers are a solid control option to have. However, they are not free like many parental controls.

When all is said and done, it is evident that the Internet and the social media is not going anywhere- so are parental controls. However, the kind of parenting style also plays a huge role when deciding on whether to use parental control for social media or not. The parental control ball is in your court.