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Monitoring your employees the legal way

Whether or not it is legal to monitor your employees really depends on the kind of approach that you take. However, micromanaging stalkers that come in form of managers or employers are just setting themselves up for the downfall that comes with an untrusting workplace. On the contrary, monitoring can make your employees more productive when done accordingly. Computer productivity only sets in when monitoring goes overboard.

Although some employers might consider this a mandatory act and right fully so, there are legal and illegal ways to do it.

Here is the right path to take!

General observations
Being overly critical and placing surveillance cameras in every corner might not really get you the work results that you want. After all, a happy, boss and a happy employee is equal to high production! Legally, it’s advisable to only keep an eye on behaviors that raise red flags. Common mistake could be easily corrected; therefore they should not get you whacked up.

Social media monitoring
The National labor relations act allows workers to discuss concerted work activity on social media. However, as an employer you cannot be too restrictive. Employees are well entitled to their personal rights of free communication on the social media-provided their conversations are not set out to harm the company in any probable ways.

Video surveillance
This is the most legal way of work monitoring especially when done for legitimate reasons such as upholding security. Even so, different state laws vary on the extent of monitoring on the other hand, federal laws also prohibit the recording of oral communication. That’s why most surveillance systems are preferably silent.

Email surveillance
Legally, it would be wrong to monitor employee personal email account on their personal devices. However, at work it is legal to monitor employee emails especially when they are using company computers at work.

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Key logging
This is a new way for employers to keep tabs on their employee wage of company computers. It is legal to make everything you type visible to your employer, including passwords what's why that makes legal phone tracking software too. Therefore, through this way, most employers may be forced to use computers only for work related purposes. This keeps a company in check business wise as there will be no digression during work hours. Some state laws may offer limited protection but so far, most employers are getting away with this.

While two out of three employers in the United States could be some sort of electronic monitoring of employees, a study found that monitoring decreased theft in companies by 22% and increased revenues by 7%. However, when overdone, monitoring could cause increased employee stress and dissatisfaction with their jobs. Employers should first inform employees on the fact of the mobile tracking, investigate misconduct before taking any legal or disciplinary action because some employees may have legitimate reasons for their misconduct.