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Monitoring your child, the Spapp Monitoring way

Spapp Monitoring is the best Android and IOS app to free your child of phone addiction. Those long unsure nights of constant messaging and social media chatting will be a thing of the past with this parental monitoring software. Controlling your child’s smartphone usage habits is the best way to keep them in check when it comes to their digital life. Phone Tracker App certainly saves the best for last with its easy phone tracking and control solution.

Anytime your child logs on to their phone, the app notifies you of what they are up to in a fast and reliable way. Through this, it’s easy to determine the child’s phone habits and be aware of who they are communicating with and what they are saying. This is especially effective in controlling phone addiction habits as the app allows only a limit of access.

How to get Phone Tracker

In order to make the application active on your phone, all you have to do is:
1) Install the app
After installing, the application starts tracking mobile phone immediately, without any payment or credit card number. Spy App is free to install and test. After installation, the phone tracker starts to work immediately, without any payment or credit card number.

2) Register your account

3) Log into the Phone Tracker website and get activated.
Unlike most common parental applications, Spy App for mobile phone can lock the phone, start an alarm or remote wipe all the data on the tracked mobile phone. In cases whereby your child may be exposed to explicit content, this feature comes in handy.

iPhone tracker, Android tracker- as you see it is easy to use on any type of mobile phone.

An average child who’s addicted to their phone looks at it around 150 times a day thus phone obsession is becoming a growing problem of concern. Cases of internet addiction are certainly on the rise. Phone monitoring offers relief instances where parents have to put restrictions on the amount of time they spent worrying about their kids and what they do on their phones. Since the accessibility of devices is at an unprecedented level and it has caught parents off guard, Phone Monitoring is all about setting reasonable limits.

With the application, monitoring app usage and downloads, pausing apps remotely and setting schedules for school is all under your control. Even though most kids are computer saving, Spy App can also block games and any unauthorized website from your kids’ access. Also, the ability to check their browser history keeps any parent abreast with their child’s internet.

Although the application might be met with some rebellion, it’s equally important to explain to your child the need for phone tracking and that it is all in their best interest.

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