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Kik tracker

About 40% of American teenagers use Kik, and thousands of new accounts are added to this network every day. This info is proudly promoted through numerous websites by Kik’s marketers. However, there are some less known facts that prove the necessity of installing a Kik tracker on your child’s smartphone.

They are:
• App Store rates Kik a 17+ app, stating ‘Frequent/Intense/Mature/Suggestive Content’ as the reason for the age restriction.
• Common Sense Media also puts Kik in the 17+ section. They explain their reasons along the lines of ‘this app should be used by older individuals, who can make a conscious decision to pay for various Kik-enabled apps premiums’.

Spy app, an app that allows tracking Kik among other things, will help you monitor your children’s communications through this dubious service. Controlling your kid’s contacts list will allow you to prevent unwanted sexual solicitations, which are quite common at this messenger. This Kik tracker app also helps you monitor message logs of older kids as the service itself affords for a fast history wipe out.

Kik Tracker Protects Your Children and Money

Another important reason why you need a Kik tracker is the fact that this messenger service provides access to a variety of paid apps. Many of them have inappropriate content, so your children should be protected from this kind of exposure. The majority of them also cost quite a bit of money.

Unfortunately, the service is devised in such a way that ads are ‘thrown’ at you, so a child may install them by accident. Phone monitoring allows you to stay informed about these things.

When it comes to Kik, tracking is not an invasion of privacy. It’s a necessary measure for parental control as this app can be really dangerous for kids. There is no way to verify a Kik user’s identity and the accounts aren’t regulated in any way, so even youngest children can start using the app.

Phone tracker is not a phone hack, it’s an application that helps protect your children from perverts, trolls, and scammers.

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