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KIK kreeping

There’s nothing as devastating for a parent than losing their child. Kidnapping no longer happens just by running into a malicious stranger, the internet has become a leeway for unsafe practices. Social media avenues have been known for the exposure to such dangers. KIK has been notoriously connected to many missing child cases. Unfortunately a teenager is curios and don’t think realistically at this age, so the better solution is to to control his activity and almost each time solution against this social media addiction is day by day technology. Use a phone tracker such Phone Monitoring application and you’ll be able to see if your children are in danger or not.

The cons

The application lets users chat on their own terms without any parental control thus making users vulnerable. While joint conversations over sound cloud, strikers and betterpoint may seem appealing, the ease of communication comes with its demerits. It creates a ‘comfortable’ environment that allows for all sorts of negative interactivity. The fact that the instant messenger is free makes it attractive to many persons without any restrictions.

Known to serve over 200 million users, KIK has been affiliated with several kidnapping cases. In North Texas, a sexually assaulted teenager admitted to using KIK to communicate with her 26 year old offender who was later charged and arrested for kidnapping. In a local high school, a teacher was said to use KIK to perpetuate a sexual relationship with one of his students.

The Downside

KIK is used as a source of information by most kidnappers. The lack of parental control makes it appealing as the have total control. In one recent kidnapping case, over 50 detectives hunted for a KIK kidnapper in LA. Although he was caught in the act, it’s still easy for the kidnappers to further explore the KIK platform for even more victims.

Some kidnappers are known to ask for explicit pictures from their KIK victims. It’s even more disturbing that they trade them with other pedophiles on the platform. The relationship between KIK and online sexual offenders has proven that the social media is turning inherently evil, this is why a cell tracker could be a great help against such dangers.

Identifying an online predators
1. The person chats awkwardly
2. They agree with you on anything
3. They insist on meeting them in person even though you do not know them
4. They suggest relationships with very young children
5. They use suspicious screen names such as, “sexy 7”

Steps to take when you recognize a child predator
1. Tell someone you trust or an authority figure immediately
2. Omit all your personal information from public websites
3. Avoid further communication, especially with strangers

KIK was meant to be a platform that enabled its users to interact positively. It is unfortunate that it has turned into an unsafe place for children. Only a parent can understand the heartbreak of a missing child. In that context, KIK should be done away with and can be blocked forever using a mobile phone tracker.

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