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KIK-how it works

KIK is an application that puts emphasis on what is means to be social. One of the key things about it is being able to play different roles with different groups of friends. It’s a social network within chat that’s getting it right. It’s as simple as a hash tag.Also the activity of its users can be easily monitored by phone tracking software.

On KIK, a hash tag allows you to create your own chat room in a matter of seconds. A hash tag such as #Kamaufamily allows you to chat with family members while #KIKemployees is a great way to start conversations with various work mates.
Hash tags also allow you to reach people outside the personal network with whom users share similar interests with. KIK accounts are based on user names, not phone numbers, therefore it’s easy to block any unwanted block any unwanted contacts.

KIK users can invite other users to chat from anywhere in the world.
Set your status
Users can easily set statuses such as you are “bored”, “in relation”, “married” etc.
Free of cost
This may be one of KIK’s best features as the application is absolutely free of cost thus users can send free unlimited text.
Group chat
In case users feel like chatting with different people at different times is tiresome, they can just create a group of those particular contacts by a simple click, nevertheless these chats aren't safe as they can be seen if a mobile trackeris installed on at least one device.
Online friends
The app shows its users whether their friends are online or not and the last time they visited.
Social Integration
KIK enables connection to multiple social platforms such as Instagram, social cam and viddy.
Any time messages are sent, received or deleted, users are notified.

1) Sign up
To register a KIK account click the “register “button and” log in”
2) Finding Friends
With an active first- account, KIK will ask the user if they want to find friends. If the user agrees, the app will use the names, phone numbers and emails in their phone contact list to find anyone using KIK. If the user decides to ignore this, they can manually add friends later on.
Users can also use the speech bubble to find friends that KIK couldn't find in users contact list.
3) Confirming the user address
Conforming an email address with KIK is important.
Once users have registered, they can chat and share content through sending messages, using emoticons sending photos or video, and using the glob icon. Users can also use extra features to set their profile pictures, personalize the chart bubble color and downloading new emoticons.
The KIK team support will answer any question that the user may asked.
Users can also:
Change notification.
Block contact list.
Restore the app if it’s crashes.
The most important thing when using KIK is to think twice before chatting and sharing pictures especially with strangers. Messages and pictures cannot be deleted and can be easily seen by using a cell tracker.

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